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Three Ways to Make Your Macaroni Salad On-Trend

September 20, 2019

Macaroni salad is probably one of the most popular dishes on any Filipino party spread, especially now that we’re in the throes of the ber months. It slowly replaces pancit and spaghetti as the pasta of choice during parties, because there’s just something about it that tells you it’s near Christmastime. Everyone starts making it for celebrations–from your officemates, your parents, to your titas who bring a tupperware of it at every gathering.

We’ve partnered with Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise to give you three easy ways to update your recipe for 2019. This will get your family into the kitchen, and make them excited to put together some macaroni salad right in time for the next potluck.

Make it meat-free

We love our protein, but this year has been all about using meat-free alternatives. Companies like Beyond Meat have found their way to the Philippines, offering options that wouldn’t make you miss the taste of meat. If you have a vegetarian or vegan loved one, replace the chicken in your macaroni salad with more veggies or fruits, or even any of the new meat-free products on the market. This way, they get to partake in tradition instead of missing out on it.

Add a foreign twist

Because of the diversity of our cuisine, many chefs love crossing cultures. So many new establishments mixed things up by marrying different tastes together, from calamansi pie sundaes at American chains, to Italian-inspired takoyaki from a world-renowned chef. You can bring your macaroni salad into 2019 by reimagining the flavor combinations in it. Imagine creating a Japanese version by replacing the fruit with mango, and the chicken with crab stick for a hybrid between macaroni and kani salad, making your dish right on trend.

Use local ingredients

In 2019 we put the focus back on loving our local ingredients, and embracing our Filipino produce and flavors even further. Upgrade your macaroni salad by adding some of your favorite staples into the mix. Use longganisa, flavor your mayonnaise with Filipino spices or sauces, and fold local dried fruit into the salad for sweetness instead of raisins.

With these suggestions, it won’t be difficult to put together a macaroni salad that isn’t just for Christmas. Turn this festive dish into one you can offer on any special occasion.

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