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Three Reasons Why KFC’s New York-Style Chicken is So Good

December 13, 2018

Everyone loves KFC for their signature chicken covered in those coveted secret herbs and spices, but us folks at Pepper are also huge fans of their more innovative offerings. We fell in love with their sisig bowl because of its chicken skin, and were thrilled by the magic of their Double Down. Their latest one is all about an NYC-style experience–the hot and crispy variant smothered in a tangy buffalo sauce, served up with a great yogurt dip. But just what is it about these components that make their combination so delicious?

Hot and Crispy Chicken

For this particular offering, KFC employs their Hot and Crispy chicken, which lends itself well to thick and luxurious sauces. The skin stays crunchy all throughout, and the heat penetrates through the meat for some seriously piquant flavors.

Buffalo Sauce

To enhance the heat, KFC’s New York Style Chicken is dipped into a bath of buttery, rich buffalo sauce, just like they do Stateside. It has a great acidity, isn’t too sweet, and has a level of spice that makes you want to eat more and more.

Yogurt Dip

Every good buffalo chicken comes with a cooling dip to cut through the heat. KFC uses yogurt which might be unconventional, but is a pretty genius choice. It’s light and refreshing, and holds tons of flavor but still doesn’t take away from the main it accompanies.

Put all three together, and the blend makes for a potent and delicious creation. Let us know what you think about KFC’s New York Style Chicken in the comments below!

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