Three Quick and Uniquely Delicious Merienda Ideas with Crackers

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If you’re out of merienda ideas, crackers are the quickest way to fill you up mid-day. Add some toppings, and you get an instant snack to fill you up. While there are an infinite amount of combinations, we’ve partnered with Tiger Crackers to show you three tasty tips that don’t even need recipes.

They’ve even recently introduced two new flavors that we were so impressed by, that recommending them was an easy ask. Read on for our favorite ways to enjoy them.

Ensaymada Crackers with Kesong Puti

Ensaymada Crackers with Kesong Puti

The buttery, cheesy, sweetness of these crackers make them easy to devour all alone, but topping them with kesong puti really heightens the cheesiness of the crispy, thin biscuit. You can spoon it straight on top for each bite, but you can also blowtorch the curds or blitz the whole thing quickly in the microwave for a gooier, more decadent bite.

Plain Crackers with Adobo Flakes

Plain Crackers with Adobo Flakes

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more filling than just a quick snack, load your crispy, melt-in-your-mouth crackers with adobo flakes. We made a plate to include even more condiments like tomatoes and red eggs. Imagine your breakfast plate converted into merienda!

Leche Flan Crackers with Yema Spread

Leche Flan Crackers with Yema Spread

This flavor is our favorite, and it deserves a prize for pulling off an ingenious idea. Each bite tastes exactly like leche flan, with its perfect mix of caramelized sugar, milk and eggs. We don’t know what kind of magic went into creating these! For sweet tooths, try spreading creamy yema on each crunchy slice; this pairing is so delicious that it could even replace dessert.

If you’re excited to try these combinations, grab your own stash of Tiger Crackers online and in supermarkets nationwide.

Each pack of 3 crackers contains 120 calories, and a multipack with 10 single-serve packs costs PHP 50.

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