Three Easy Recipes for Grape Season

It’s not difficult to love grapes. The tiny fruit make for a quick nutritious snack, and are almost always naturally sweet. With all the varieties around, it’s hard to go wrong with whatever you choose, from Gold and Crimson seedless varieties, to the super popular Cotton Candy ones. While they’re notorious for being easy to eat (how many fruits can you simply pop into your mouth without having to peel??), they’re actually also supremely delicious and versatile in other applications. As part of the Taste Australia program, we want to show you some quick ways to enjoy the little plum globes at home.

Roasting Your australian Grapes

If you haven’t roasted your grapes, then you have truly been missing out–when blitzed really quickly under a broiler, the molten fruit turns slightly jammy and releases an addicting nectar. There’s a smoky flavor about them that is like nothing else, and when slightly mashed up, the juice with it tastes like an unfermented balsamic vinegar. These go with almost anything, from any soft white cheese on a cracker, or used as the background notes for a sticky sauce for any roast chicken or meat dish.

Freezing Your australian Grapes

In this heat, frozen grapes are an effortless luxury. Put them onto a tray (just so they don’t freeze in one block) and have instant tiny popsicles. If you want to make a healthy smoothie that isn’t watered down, replace your ice cubes with the frozen grapes, and your slushie won’t go to mush as quickly.

Slicing Your australian Grapes

This trick might be the oldest one in the book, a precursor to all Internet-famous food hacks. Place your grapes onto a small plate, without any of them piled on top of the other. Put a slightly smaller plate on top of the fruit, and run a knife through so they’re all cut in half at the same time. This little tip means you have more time to make the nourishing salad your grapes will go into, like a Mediterranean parsley salad with shaved carrots.

If you want to use our tips in your own recipe, Australian grapes are still in season at Rustan’s, Marketplace by Rustans, SM, Shopwise, Robinson’s Supermarket and S&R, or at e-commerce sites like Baytownsproduce, Crate 2 Plate, alwaysfresh and Dizon Farms. For more information, you can also visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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