This Week on Fap-Worthy Food

September 14, 2018

1. Victoria Velasco’s Arroz con Leche from Vask

2. Mike Yarmish’s Spaghettini Pomodoro

3. Karole Santos’s Red Velvet Pancakes with Ferrero Rocher Cream Cheese from Milky & Sunny

4. Shine Flores’s lovely creation using leftover Bagnet

5. Cheshire’s oats and berries look delicious

6.  Check out Josef’s Kalookies with Speculoos Cookie Butter

7. Mads Arias’s Taho

8. How about some of Michael Gonzales’s Homemade Champorado with Tapa

9. Maine Manalasan’s salad

10. Cel’s Avocado Mush

Want your photo to be on the next Fap-Worthy Food? All you have to do is include the hashtag #pepperph when uploading your food photo on Instagram. Here’s a step-by-step guide (if you’re a n00b).

  1. Take a photo of your food.
  2. Add effects if you wish.
  3. Upload on Instagram (and add more effects!) with a short commentary about the food.
  4. Don’t forget to place the hashtag #pepperph after!
  5. Remember that in order for us to view your photos, your Instagram profile should not be on private mode.

Why are we doing this? Because who knows? We might give away some random prizes on random weeks such as…well, you’ll see.

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  1. D Camacho says:’s food photography is clearly influencing Pinoy foodstagramming with the artfully arranged food components and wood details! Good job!:D

  2. Yey!!!! Thank you for including my IG pic. 🙂

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