This Week on Fap-Worthy Food

September 5, 2018

1. Illa Rustia’s Steamed Breakfast Sausage with Apple, Cheese, Lettuce, and Soft Boiled Egg in a Wheat Ciabatta


2. Marty’s Adventure Brunch


3. Andy Sermonia’s Lemons


4. Bernadine Garcia’s Breakfast


5. Jericho Uy’s “What’s Left in the Fridge”  Food



Want your photo to be on next week’s Fap-Worthy Food? All you have to do is include the hashtag #pepperph when uploading your food photo on Instagram. Here’s a step-by-step guide (if you’re a n00b).

  1. Take a photo of your food.
  2. Add effects if you wish.
  3. Upload on Instagram (and add more effects!) with a short commentary about the food.
  4. Don’t forget to place the hashtag #pepperph after!

The best 5 photos of the week will be posted every Monday via Fap-Worthy Food. Why are we doing this? Because who knows? We might give away some random prizes on random weeks such as…well, you’ll see.

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  1. Zyon Aquino says:

    I cannot fap to this. Who wrote this? Do you even know what fap means?

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