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This Taste Test Proves That Not All JellYace Tastes the Same

January 31, 2020

The ever famous JellYace is an indispensable giveaway in any children’s birthday party. The sweet treat is packed in portable plastic cups, making it an easy-to-eat dessert or snack. It’s composed of a jelly, made using caregeenan (from red seaweed) gel mixed with another gum [product],” and a small amount of flavored soup. It comes in different fruit flavors, with some packs carrying even more than the others. How do they compare?

Note: We bought two packs of JellyAce, one in round cups labeled “fruit-flavored jelly snack,” and another in ridged cups labeled “fruit jelly snack.” Surprisingly, the two kinds tasted differently, although in the same flavors. The ridged cupped “fruit jelly snacks” were much more flavorful. On the other hand, the JellYace in the round cups tasted as if the jellies and their corresponding soups were added separately. That is, if you eat just the jelly, there was virtually zero flavor. On this taste test, we’re comparing flavors in general, but we’ve added some notes in case we’re comparing the two versions.

5. Strawberry

The red JellYace has a very artificial tasting strawberry flavor. It reminds us of strawberry-flavored medicine more than anything; and there’s a sort of old cabinet-esque muskiness to it.

4. Orange

The orange JellYace tastes close to nothing. The soup has a very subtle orange flavor, but in vanishes in a flash. Even the ones in the ridged tubs aren’t doing much in the orang-y-ness of things.

3. Grape

The grape-flavored jellies only come in the round packaging (at least from the bags we got). We appreciate that this one really comes through in making its flavor discernible. Although it’s fake grape flavor, there’s a sourness to it that makes it taste like they maybe used real fruits.

2. Pineapple

This flavor is “1000% pineapple,” a member of the team said. The flavor is discernible, both in the soup and the jelly itself. It has a light citrus-y aftertaste, and almost tastes like a Gatorade or a Strepsil tab dropped into a glass of water. And though it doesn’t sound like it, we actually mean that in a good way.

1. Green Apple

The green apple-flavored JellYace (“Why do apple flavors come in green?”) tastes the closest to its advertised flavor. It doesn’t necessarily remind us of fresh apples (they’re more like candied apples, actually). But it does taste like a not-as-sweet Zest-O apple juice, which is a win for us.

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