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This Ice Cream Shop in BGC Serves Adobo Flakes on Top of Their Sundaes

April 1, 2019

This new ice cream shop in BGC is all about Filipino flavors. While they have standards like bibingka, and saba con hielo, their savory scoops are all everyone’s talking about. They have calamansi sorbet topped with kinilaw, and champorado with dilis. But their wildest creation is an adobo sundae: soy sauce ice cream with soy chocolate sauce and crispy adobo flakes. Would you try Zorbetes?

Refreshing AF.

…are the words we wrote as supers for our entirely fictional ice cream shop. Please don’t believe us. Save your money for parking at BGC, because this place does not exist.


ADDRESS: Why are you still reading
VISIT: Never, unless you actually want us to do an adobo flakes sundae pop-up
SPEND: Less than your milk tea allowance
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