This Humble Bread Stand in Banawe, QC Makes Artisanal Baked Goods “Manu Mano”

November 28, 2019

Most truly good breads are often hand-made. We’ve seen that philosophy lived out in several of our recent bread purveyors; and it’s been the driving force of Manu Mano, a humble bakery in Banawe, Quezon City. True to its name, all of their artisanal baked goods are made manu mano—from scratch, by hand.

Sure, it takes longer, but by making the bread by hand, they are able to feel the dough to know exactly when it’s ready. That’s something you don’t get from regular, commercial bread. Their technique translates to crusty, billowy, stretchy loaves.

Currently, Manu Mano offers three bread variants: Hybrid Pandesal, Hybrid Baguette, and their Banawe Base loaf. All three use the same sourdough base, using unbleached flour. But it’s not as sour as what we’re used to. They’ve adjusted it to be more accessible to the general bread-consuming public. Their bread, although branded “artisanal,” also come at a more affordable price point.

Though we enjoyed their Hybrid Baguette and Banawe Base just as much, their Hybrid Pandesal really stood out. It has a well-baked crust, which breaks into a soft, airy inside. It doesn’t taste like your regular pandesal, but it also doesn’t give off an obvious sourdough flavor. It’s tangy, but it has a sweetness to it that we appreciate.

You can buy everything in-store, but best to reserve beforehand to make sure you get the bread you want (stocks do run out!). You can also have it delivered if you’re not from the area.

Manu Mano

A bakery in Quezon City selling artisanal baked goods.

ADDRESS: 755 Banawe corner Scout Alcaraz, Quezon City
VISIT: 6AM-6PM Mondays to Saturdays / Closed on Sundays
CONTACT: (0996) 642-2755 / made.manumano@gmail.com
SPEND: PHP50-500
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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