This Binondo Institution Has Been Serving Chinoy Food Since 1968

Since 1968, Quik Snack has made Binondo’s colorful Carvajal Street its home. While other places in the area stick to the traditional, over the years, Quik Snack has developed a menu that reflects the area, and the home cooking of the three generations that have continued to run the restaurant. Their versions are reminiscent of Hokkien fare, but include touches that come from the Philippines or elsewhere in Asia.

What’s your go-to order in Quik Snack?

Take for example their Indonesian tauhu, which is a favorite short order of their customers. It has beautiful large pieces of the spongy soy product, with a crust that stays golden brown even when swimming in sauce. While the tauhu is traditional, the toppings and spice in particular, are very Indonesian. Best of all are their noodles, which are hefty enough to fill a stomach on only PHP 150, with a variety of toppings to choose from. Get the beef miki guisado with sate for something unexpectedly high in heat.


Chinese dishes with influences from other Southeast Asian cuisine.

ADDRESS: 637-639 Carvajal Street, Binondo, Manila
VISIT: 9:30AM–6PM Mondays to Saturdays
CONTACT: (02) 242-9589 / (02) 242-9572
SPEND: PHP 80–150

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  1. unfortunately, quik snack hasn’t been the same as say ten years ago. malaki na ang pinagbago nila. i used to super love their lumpia (fresh and fried). sana mabalik yun dati…paging owner and cooks.

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