This Belgian Beer Advent Calendar from Les Deux Belges Is an Out-Of-The-Box Gift in a Box

November 30, 2018

The company Les Deux Belges was, unsurprisingly, founded by 2 Belgians; it was in response to the limited craft Belgian beers available in the Philippines. These 2 Belgians named Gregory Tutt (from Brussels) and Emmanuel de Ghellinck (from Flanders) wanted to share with the Philippines the beers they grew up with, and dearly missed. They founded the company in 2016, and soon welcomed a third partner to the company, Romain Hotterbeex (from Wallonia).

Get 24 distinct craft beers from Belgium, for only PHP4000. Not bad when you break it down.

The gifting of Advent calendars is a tradition common in Europe, where each day in December on the calendar has a small gift (be it a poem, toy, candy, or another small treat) for each day from December 1 until 24 leading up to Christmas Day. This year, Les Deux Belges wanted to introduce the tradition to the Philippines, in the shape of a version that that adults can enjoy: a Belgian beer Advent calendar. An ideal gift for someone who loves beer, or would like to learn more about beer, this Advent calendar features 24 different Belgian beers that are incredibly diverse. Their beers come from 5 family-owned breweries that have been brewing for 6 or more generations, and 1 Trappist brewery (yuh, monks brew beer).

Call Les Deux Belges in the number below so you can get yours ASAP. No worries in receiving it once December has started—more beer in a single day for when you receive it!

Hotterbeex tells us that Belgian beer is quite different from the locally brewed beer here in the Philippines, which tend to follow American styles of brewing. “We use a lot of fruits, cereals, and spices to give different profile to the beers,” he explains. And there are so many different kinds of Belgian beers, including but not limited to ambers, darks, white, blondes, sour beers, lambic fruit beers. Hotterbeex even gives us great pairing suggestions for the holidays, saying that Pêcheresse goes well with leche flan, Cuvée des Trolls with pansit, and Blanche des Bruxelles with ensaladang talong.


A distributor of Belgian craft beer.

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