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Think You Make Great Sisig? Show it Off Through Knorr’s Certified Sisig Masters Competition

June 8, 2018

While traditions merit respect, there are endless ways to inject your own personality into a dish—some of which we’ve explored. Each is tasty in its own special way, but can your special version win over the hearts of the nation?

Knorr, in partnership with LTB Chef’s Association and Zomato, is out to find the best, most innovative sisig dishes out there through the Knorr Certified Sisig Master Competition. Inspired by the concept of Michelin stars, the competition will be awarding stars of certification to sisig dishes that are worthy of recognition. Not only is it a great avenue to prove your skills; along the way, you’ll earn bragging rights and sisig stardom along the way, with features on well-known online food platforms (including, and Zomato).

The challenge: come up with your most creative sisig dish using Knorr Liquid Seasoning. There are three “levels” to conquer, in each of which you stand the chance to earn a Knorr Sisig Master Star. Earn your first star by submitting your recipe to the UFS website and passing the judges’ criteria. From there, join in Knorr’s upcoming pocket events (to be held nationwide) for a chance to be awarded your second star. Finally, get your entry to garner enough popularity to serve up 200 servings in your restaurant and amass 100 Facebook and Instagram posts in a month, and you get the highly coveted third star—plus an invitation to the final culminating event which, if won, grants you even greater PR coverage.

Entries must be good for 2-3 servings and should indicate quantity, directions for preparation, and cooking method. Exercise creativity and vary up the flavors, sub in other ingredients, find alternative cooking methods or techniques for better results. Make sure your recipe’s written clearly and can easily be understood (this constitutes 30% of the judging criteria). Go ahead and show off your plating skills—presentation makes up another 30% of the criteria—but make sure it’s realistically doable (just as you’d serve it in your restaurant), and keep the unnecessary froufrou away (all garnishes must be edible!). Have fun with it, but bring your A-game. Now’s your chance to show the country what you (and your restaurant) have got.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Here’s what you need to know:

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