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These Sisig Competition Winners Show That Our National Dish Isn’t Just About Pork

September 28, 2018

We wrote about our favorite Knorr-Certified Sisig Masters winners, but here are some genius non-pork entries to garner two stars. Knorr Liquid Seasoning has been holding a competition throughout the country to challenge our nation’s chefs to put their creative spins on everyone’s favorite pulutan, and these dishes skipped the pork to turn out something entirely new.

To see all the two-star winners, click here.

Bangus Cheesig from Gab’s Good Grub, South Luzon

Gab’s Good Grub has long been a favorite of thanks to their kind staff and their menu that managed to make international flavors affordable. Their take on sisig uses standard bangus, but introduces a delicious cheese sauce that is never too salty.

Squabama Sisig from Any-Haw, Subic

Leave it up to a Subic grill restaurant to create a sisig that’s only made with squash and plantains as the main proteins. This version makes the vegetables crunchy, so you don’t miss out on any of sisig’s signature texture.

Sisig Barangun from Mararison, Iloilo

This popular seafood restaurant in Iloilo has made a version of sisig that immediately catches your eye with its larger-than-life presentation. A whole fish is presented in front of you, but its flesh is battered for more richness, while a whole egg tops the entire dish.

Tuna Sisig with Salted Egg from Ellen’s Tuna Queen, Davao

Davao is known for their tuna, so it only makes sense that the winning entry from the city employs the popular fish. Ellen’s Tuna Queen lightly seasons the plate, and adds salted egg for even more savoriness.


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