These Alcohol-Infused Specialty Food from Joe’s Cuisine Make for Neat Souvenirs from Cambodia

November 24, 2019

On a recent trip to Cambodia, our videographer Dan stumbled upon these cool alcoholic-infused products from Joe’s Cuisine. The brand is an offshoot of Sombai, an enterprise that specializes in a Siem Reap-produced liqueur of the same name.

Dan brought back a bottle of their premium liqueur and a couple of alcoholic jams—all of which are made with kampot pepper. Kampot pepper is a pepper cultivar grown and cultivated in Kampot, Cambodia. The spice is unique in aroma and taste. It ranges from intensely spicy to mildly sweet, and has citrus and floral hints.

The pepper goes kamput.

Joe’s Cuisine’s Abacaxi liqueur is mixed with pineapple, giving it a fruit-forward body; so it’s great to pair with desserts. They even recommend just splashing onto some sorbet for a boozy finish. Their alcoholic jams, on the other hand, are a spicy way to kickstart your morning. The owner hoped to put a twist to a childhood breakfast favorite. It was a bit too alcoholic for our taste to be starting our morning with. But if you’re coming from a wild night, and still aren’t over it; then by all means, smother this over your toast.

Joe’s Cuisine

Alcohol-infused specialty food from Cambodia.

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