The B.A.D. Baker Champions the “Real Food Movement” with Sourdough Bread Made from Scratch

June 15, 2019

Charis Gatmaitan—The B.A.D. Baker herself—has been baking since she was a teenager, but it only became the “focus of [her] existence” in 2014. She started with cookies, brownies, and chocolate. But later on, the mom of four decided to focus on “real food, good food,” mostly so she can make sure that her kids were eating right.

At first, she only made yeast bread. But after reading an article about sourdough bread, she began experimenting using a cheat starter which used yogurt. Her kids loved it, so she obsessively researched about sourdough. Yet, she felt like it wasn’t enough. That’s when she found Panaderya Toyo. Under the guidance of Chef Richie Manapat, she was able to refine her baking skills and was inspired to carry on the bakery’s tradition of relying on quality ingredients and proper technique in making bread.

That’s why I love baking so much, because I’m also a nerd. And I love the fact that I have to scale ingredients to the gram… I’ve always been very [obsessive] when it comes to little details—and I think that’s what makes me, if I may say so, a good baker.

Through The B.A.D. Baker, Charis hopes to educate people about the “real food movement,” which really is just going back to the basics of cooking by using natural bases and procedures. She only uses organic ingredients (such as unbleached, un-bromated flour and an almost two-year-old starter) for her bread. It makes it more expensive, but it’s a healthier—and ultimately, more delicious—alternative that’s worth the price.

You can truly tell the difference in quality. The B.A.D. Baker’s Classic Sourdough Bread has a fruity fragrance and a tangy flavor, which you don’t usually get from commercially sold “sourdough bread.” It’s also very filling, which is a tell-tale sign that it uses good ingredients. Their fluffy Pan de Kamote has a sweetness to it; and you can actually taste (and see) the kamote (sweet potato) bits.

A few bread tips from Charis: if you have to keep your bread, put it in the freezer (instead of the fridge) because the fridge maintains the prime temperature to make bread stale. Also, when you’re reheating bread, make sure that your oven or toaster is preheated (don’t put the bread in, then turn it on). This ensures that your bread stays soft inside.


Sourdough bread (and other baked goods) made from scratch using organic ingredients.

CONTACT: (0917) 180-9014
spend: PHP250-700
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Jica hopes that by writing about food she'll actually learn how to cook. But for now, she'll happily just eat everything—especially cookies.

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