Homegrown Terry’s Selection Makes Its Way To Singapore

September 28, 2019

Even with all the Spanish restaurants in the metro, the 15 year old Terry’s has remained one of the most beloved bastions of the cuisine in our city. The food of Juan Carlos de Terry has become the gold standard, with its simplicity, authenticity, and consistently delicious cooking. The chef is widely seen as one of the more important figures in our culinary scene, with two locations in Metro Manila.

On the 1st of October, Terry’s first international branch opened in Singapore in the Shaw Centre. The Les Amis group, responsible for many of Singapore’s culinary institutions including San Pellegrino fixture Bistro du Vin, brought the famed Terry’s to the country. The partnership looks to be a formidable one, since both establishments have solid reputations in their respective countries. Hopefully this is just the beginning, and other restaurants in Manila will start to get the international recognition they deserve.

Left: Terry's first branch in Singapore; Right: Terry's in Manila

Left: Terry’s first branch in Singapore; Right: Terry’s in Manila

What do you think about Terry’s in Manila? Do you think their food will translate well to Singaporean audiences? What Philippine-based restaurant do you think should expand abroad next? Sound off in the comments below!

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Pamela Cortez Pamela Cortez

Pamela Cortez writes about food full-time, and has honed her craft while writing for publications such as Rogue, Town and Country, and The Philippine Star. She once rode on a mule for a mile just to eat mint tea and lamb in Morocco, and has eaten a block of Quickmelt in one sitting. Her attempt at food photography can be viewed online @meyarrr.

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2 responses to “Homegrown Terry’s Selection Makes Its Way To Singapore”

  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    Nice! Hope their selection (see what I did there?) of ingredients remains as comprehensive as the ones here.

  2. cruisinlife says:

    I think you need to update this article, Terry’s Selection will no longer continue, after a week 🙁

    You can also see their announcement in their Facebook page.

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