Teddy’s Bigger Burgers from Hawaii in Greenbelt 3 Puts Up a Good Fight

September 3, 2019

Aside from a burger’s taste, I am after the experience of eating the burger. Every burger I take on is similar to a boxing match. A bite into it is like going for the punch, and halfway through I expect to struggle against the limits of my stomach. I need to feel that dread in the possibility of not being able to finish a burger versus wanting  to clean my plate. As a number of new burger places opened up, I was often let down at how easy the fight was, and I braced myself for the local franchise of Hawaii’s Teddy’s Bigger Burger to be one of those overhyped, overpriced burger joints from abroad. I was proven wrong—so very wrong.


As Teddy’s hails from Hawaii, the place was decorated to have the feel of a modern late-night burger joint with Hawaiian accents such as surfboards and the occasional grass-skirted girl icon. The décor did right in being enough of a tribute to Hawaii without becoming kitschy.


It’s not fast food, but you start by ordering at the counter. Customers get a dizzying array of choices for the burger itself, from the size (with the smallest at 5oz, and the biggest at 9oz.), how you want your patty cooked, the bun (lettuce, their signature potato bun, and wheat), sauce, and toppings. If you’re undecided, the “true” Teddy’s experience is in a medium patty with a potato bun and everything on it. You can choose from pre-set toppings like the Cajun, Hawaiian Style, Kailua, and Bacado to make that burger extra special. I opted for a Cheeseburger Kailua (with Teddy’s homemade teri sauce, grilled onions, and Swiss cheese) as I wasn’t feeling too adventurous that day, but I am intrigued by the Bacado variant topped with avocado, cheddar cheese, and bacon.

Burgers are cooked only upon order, so be prepared for a few more minutes wait before your order is served. As said, this isn’t fast food.


The patty is made of 100% ground chuck flown in from the United States to ensure the quality of the burger. Their ground chuck patty is what made it Hawaii’s best burger for three years in a row, and the people behind Teddy’s aims to replicate that same experience here. I have not had the pleasure of visiting Hawaii and I can’t compare, but the Cheeseburger Kailua (PHP 549 for the Combo) I had was a sublime. The medium patty brings out the full meatiness of the burger. For the Kailua toppings, it gave the burger a kind of caramelized finish with their onions, a welcome aftertaste of sweetness after the hefty portions of meat. For those who are unsure about what makes a potato bun different, is that it is slightly sweeter than your average dough,  and is mamon-soft to the touch.

I got the fight I was looking for, and what a fight it was. I was knocked out by Teddy’s Bigger Burger, and I’d go back and do it all over again.

Pepper.ph was invited to feature the above establishment. Therefore, the feature includes no rating whatsoever, which can be influenced or biased.

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers
Level 3, Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City

Mia Marci Mia Marci

Mia Marci likes sampling street food, even if she doesn't know what's in it. She's gotten sick to her stomach on occasion because of this hazardous curiosity, but even the strictest of doctors couldn't stop her. Mia also writes about video games, travel, and girly issues for other publications. She also teaches English and Creative Writing. In the little spare time she has left, she catches up on film and TV shows, while cuddling up to her dog and cat.

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20 responses to “Teddy’s Bigger Burgers from Hawaii in Greenbelt 3 Puts Up a Good Fight”

  1. hehehe says:

    any “secret” menus?

  2. hylander says:

    I actually found the burgers a tad overrated.. the patty was quite gummy and underseasoned? Perhaps I caught them at a bad time. But I like Charlie’s a lot better.

    • Pamela Cortez says:

      Oh no that sucks! Now I have to try this Teddy’s burger because I’ve been hearing either really awesome or really bad things about it 🙁

      • hylander says:

        My foodie cousin says the burgers were okay when they tried it.. but I guess different strokes for different folks. I didn’t like the texture of the patty at all. Try it for yourself and share what you think! 🙂

    • Mia Marci says:

      Since my photographer and I really enjoyed our Teddy’s experience, this is saddening news. 🙁 I guess it’s struggling with how customized the burgers are since our initial visit.

  3. Volts Sanchez says:

    Hello, weekend food.

  4. MPY says:

    Not really hyped about the meat being flown all the way from Hawaii. That means frozen meat, and not everyone gets hyped about having to pay a premium for frozen meat at a restaurant.

    • Randyl Manglicmot says:

      exactly, i would rather go for local beef instead of devouring some frozen lump of meat. Local beef is good for burger as long as it is fresh

    • Pamela Cortez says:

      I may have to slightly disagree with you on this one 😀 There are some things which are just far better if they are flown in, which restaurants do all the time. There’s a difference between having prime US Angus beef or Japanese Kobe or Wagyu or Australian Magura for example, over our local beef. Yes now we have local farms that farm their own wagyu, but they are still quite scarce. In this modern age, the way that meat is frozen or shipped doesn’t mean it gets affected in a negative way at all either. Hey, even most of our chickens, in supermarkets or chains get shipped from abroad that’s why Jolibee was so greatly affected; when their supplies were held up at ports they ran out for weeks!

      • CC says:

        If the meat was Angus or Kobe or Wagyu, then yes. But, as the author stated in the article, their burgers are made of ground chuck, something you can easily get here, without skimping on quality.

        MPY’s point, I think, wasn’t that imported meat is bad, it’s that it shouldn’t be a selling point – especially when we have perfectly good meat already here.

  5. Curious says:

    The burger was under seasoned, bread was stale. This was barely better than a burger from Wendy’s. Concept might be spot on but execution is sorely lacking. Burger Bar is much better given the price.

    Have you ever “featured,” a restaurant without giving a positive review?

    • Mia Marci says:

      Yup, you’re welcome to browse through the rest of the site for them. 🙂 Even some New Food Now features got a number of “okay” or lackluster reviews.

    • Adrian De Leon says:

      You haven’t been a reader for a long time, have you?

    • Ozzy says:

      Curious must haven’t read other review from pepper.ph. So far their review are the most honest not influenced by the hype. So many hyped place reviewed by Pepper,ph that has a subpar ratings.

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  10. wigglyseaurchin says:

    Way too expensive. P549 for a burger combo? That’s $12 for a burger. To put that in perspective, a Five Guys cheeseburger with fries is $10.68. ‘Di ko keri

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