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Taste Test: Strawberries and Cream Gummy Candies from Potchi, Trolli, and Yupi

November 12, 2017

Having just explored the ever-bizarre Strawberry Fries earlier this week, we felt the need to go back to a something more familiar—like the well-loved pairing of strawberries and cream, which finds itself in numerous forms, one being as a flavor of gummy candies. On the international front, German brand Trolli’s Strawberry Puffs (a smaller version of which, called “Strawberry Kiss”, is sold in these parts) are a classic, juggling a pink strawberry top and creamy bottom for a part-marshmallow, part-fruit gummy confection. In the Philippines, you’ll find two other brands that carry similar sweets that are more widely available and at lower prices, but how do they differ?

Trolli Strawberry Kiss

The German confectionery brand offers an all-around good gummy. Each dome-shaped “kiss” offers a consistency that’s soft but still offers enough resistance to get your teeth working. Its flavor is on point too, with both the strawberry and the cream parts—through its fresh-tasting berry notes, ample tartness, and subtle but discernible hint of vanilla—in equal representation.

Potchi Strawberry Cream

Flatter in form, Potchi sports an odd, chemical aroma as you open the package, but pop one in your mouth and you’ll see why it’s a favorite among Filipinos. Potchi’s appeal lies in the zingy acidity that works its way as you chew; there’s more strawberry than cream here, which is not a bad thing. And though drier (if not shriveled up) compared to Trolli, these qualities actually make for a more satisfying, jerky-like chew.

Yupi Strawberry Kiss

This Indonesian brand’s version stands out with its lighter shade of pink and heart-shaped form. Though strongly of a floral-leaning strawberry aroma, there’s much less of the fruity tartness we loved in the two other brands, and the overarching taste is that of a general sugary-sweetness. The texture is peculiar too as it offers a less-chewy, more pillowy consistency that surrenders easier when you bite down.

The Verdict

For a solid sweet that offers the best balance in taste and texture, Trolli is a reliable choice. But the two other brands have distinctive qualities that make them special in their own unique ways: Potchi for its more fruit-focused tartness that tickle our need for all things sour, and Yupi for the more plush, pillowy texture which we eventually grew to love. With any of these candies, you can rest assured the goodness of strawberries and cream is just a couple of chews away—no forks required.

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