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We Tried Pâtisserie BEBE Rouge’s Soft Serve on a Langue de Chat Cone and This is What We Think

March 6, 2017

A long-time fan of Pâtisserie BEBE Rouge’s Japanese-style white bread, we were intrigued to see when they began to sell soft-serve in a buttery Langue de Chat (French for cat tongue, and most commonly known in the Philippines as Lengua de Gato) cone. A dessert that has been iconized by the “Cremia Softcream” from Silkreme Shibuya, Tokyo (though it is available in other Japanese establishments) which boasts using Hokkaido milk, the soft-serve is sold at an aching price of JPY 515 (approximately PHP 220 by today’s conversion.)

Pâtisserie BEBE Rouge sells a number of baked goods including breads and sweets.

So we finally decided to try it out for ourselves and see if the PHP 100 soft-serve is worth its own comparably modest price.


Certainly not as instagrammable without a cherry blossom background, we settled for the pink and white interiors of the store that are a little too cutesy for our taste, but with the summer heat already hitting the hot, paved streets, we’d rather take it inside for now.

The Cremia soft-serve in Japan looks like it comes out of a fancy baker’s jumbo piping bag, in a clean upward cone as opposed to Bebe Rouge’s very typical twisty style that you get from any typical soft-serve machine. But who cares if it looks fancy as long as it tastes good?

Their soft-serve is only PHP 100 for a cone.


The ice cream is vanilla flavored and reminds us of McDonald’s sundae (in a good way!), though notably creamier and with more depth in the vanilla flavor (we’re going to guess because they use actual vanilla and not some artificial flavoring.) We would not describe it as silky as the Silkreme brand that made this dessert famous (and it likely doesn’t use the famous Hokkaido milk,) but it was certainly enjoyable. Once you get through the thick, white dwarf-cap of soft-serve on top and hit the cone, it is like a revelation and we played out a scene where our eyes grew wide and we took a deep breath in disbelief.

The two go together as an obvious pair, and it’s one of those pairings that once you try them together you feel like you just do not want eat one without the other, like chicken and waffles. Every bite is like watching a fractals video on YouTube: blowing your mind with the utter symmetry and beauty that each moment brings. The caramelized edges of the langue de chat accentuates the vanilla notes, and because of its scarcity, drives you to want more of it but you know the truth is that the scarcity of the brown edges is what makes it work.

But the true genius of the BEBE Rouge cone is the surprise cake-filled bottom that meets you at the bottom of the cone. Yellow, light, fluffy, and a little flavorless, the cake takes in the melted soft-serve so you can have it in a soft, spongey form, making the flavor of the cake itself unimportant. The brilliance of this cake is that it absorbs the soft-serve as it melts to prevent the annoying ice cream cone drip that pressures us to eat our ice cream faster than we would like, so we can enjoy your BEBE Rouge soft-serve at your own ideal ice cream pace (though once you try it, you’ll probably gobble it up in a couple of minutes anyway).

Find BEBE Rouge right next to the popular New Hatchin Japanese Grocery in Makati.


For PHP 100, this soft-serve is well-worth your money. It is certainly not as rich as Cremia, but you don’t need to fly all the way to Tokyo and spend an unreasonable amount of money on a dessert (even in Tokyo, a cone of Silkreme costs a lot.) The serving is quite large that on an empty stomach, it makes for a decent midday snack. Change your soft-serve standards forever: go try this and make your summer that much for tasty.

Pâtisserie BEBE ROUGE

Address: 7602 Sacred Heart St., Makati, 1203 Metro Manila
Contact: 623-1539
Opening Times: daily, 10AM-7PM
Follow: Facebook

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    Ooh. Mmm. Want.

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