Take a Break from Melbourne’s Third-Wave Coffee Scene, and Get Your Caffeine Fix from Chai Addict, Instead

We all know that Australia’s coffee scene is on a league of its own. Every neighborhood has its own specialty cafe, with beans sourced from around the world and roasted in-house. It’s easy to drown in the java of it all. So on days when your taste buds need a break (but your body needs the caffeine), tea is an easy alternative.

Nice chai, try again.

Last August, a member of our team visited the Sydney Tea Festival. Whilst scouring rows of tea artisans, she chanced upon Chai Addict, a small-batch masala chai concentrate producer based in Melbourne. “I [was attracted to] the branding and their product. [At the time,] I hadn’t tried chai concentrate.” Unlike other chai options in the market (powders, syrups, and sticky chai), Chai Addict cuts brew time, and is both unsweetened and preservative-free.

As a pleasant surprise, we found out that the founder, Chloe Janson, is a Filipina—raised Down Under, but born in the Philippines. Her sister (who still speaks Filipino!) helps out, too. After “too many sleepless nights,” Chloe found it helpful to replace her coffee with chai in her day-to-day. She was inspired to find a way to enjoy chai everyday. So she experimented (in what they call their “chai laboratory”), and Chai Addict was born.

Good chai = good chi.

They have two variants. Chai Addict is their original blend, made with water, spices, tea, lemon, and pink Himalayan salt. It’s earthy and has a kick to it, but it also has a tiny hint of sweetness. On the other hand, Chai Harder is their spicy chai, made with the same ingredients but with added ginger, black pepper, and cayenne. As you’d expect, it leaves some heat on the palate. But it’s just as creamy as their non-spicy option. You can make it a latte by adding milk (they recommend using soy). Although, you can also check out their website for some recipes you can make with it.

Chai Addict

Small-batch masala chai concentrate, handcrafted in Melbourne.

CONTACT: grandmasterchai@chaiaddict.com.au
SPEND: AUD25-90 (PHP850-3150)
follow: Facebook / Instagram / Website

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