Supper for One: The Anti-Valentine’s Day Post

January 11, 2020

Let’s face it, one may be the loneliest number, but you don’t have to have an empty stomach.


As the 14th of February rolls ever closer, we see the usual barrage of flower delivery service ads, exclusive “couple dinner” offers and the like. And then there’s you—single and impervious to such blatant acts of commercialism (HAH!). You’re unattached and damn proud of it. So go ahead, dine on your own. Here’s a quick guide to celebrating your singlehood.

1. Stay Home

No, seriously. Chances are most, if not all restaurants are going to be filled to the brim with couples staring lovingly at each other. Do you really want a constant visual reminder that you have no one to share the night with? So unless you’re inviting over some fellow single friends to lament your collective loneliness, lock your door and stay there.

2. Take it Easy

There are several schools of thought on this one. While slaving away in the kitchen will help you forget your unfortunate status, you may tire out and not enjoy the fruits of your kitchen expertise. So make a sandwich, or some pasta. Speaking of sandwiches, Tasting Table has a really good recipe list of sandwiches.

Or better yet, have a pizza delivered. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

3. Carbs Make You Feel Good


Forget your low-carb/Paleo diet because tonight, carbs are your friend. Carbohydrate consumption releases a massive, brain-numbing dose of serotonin into your bloodstream, making you feel so much better. Pizza! Pasta! PIZZA AND PASTA!

4. Drink Positive

Get yourself a good bottle of wine to go with your meal. Better yet, get something you can nurse rather than pound cheap tequila. Remember, we’re trying to stay classy here and not go on a bender. Quality over quantity, please.

5. Fry Your Brain

Not in that way, okay? Get a selection of the most mindless non-romantic movies
you can find. We tend to favor titles like Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard 3, The
Expendables, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and anything directed by Edgar
Wright. If you *must* watch something remotely related to romance, go for the twisted stuff like Lost In Translation or Fight Club or Cruel Intentions. Or Warm Bodies because it sort of has a love angle, but there are zombies involved.

6. Eat Bacon


Bacon makes any day better. It really does.

*We recommend, especially if you’re drinking, against drunk dialing an ex. So keep that mobile phone out of reach let Valentine’s Day pass without any untoward incidents okay?

Do you have any other suggestions on how to celebrate alone? Let us know in the comments!

Jason Drilon Jason Drilon

Jason recently packed his bags and moved to Denmark to work for the world’s most awesome toy brand. And after more than a month, he has only learned to say “Hi,” “Thank you,” and “I want to eat an apple” in Danish.

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  1. Jay Yuki says:

    Now it should be official… Feb 14 should be National Bacon Day… 😀

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