Spotted at Madrid Fusión Manila: Mushroom Beer by Perfect Mushrooms in Collaboration with Nipa Brew

April 11, 2017

Perfect Mushrooms by Regie Jaminal, a company that offers mushroom farming services, trainings and seminars, teamed up with Nipa Brew to create an unlikely but fitting combination of ganoderma lucidum (also known as the lingzhi or reishi mushroom) and wheat beer. The refreshing libation has a subtle earthy flavor that relaxes into the beer’s fruity and refreshing blend. Jaminal wanted to work with the reishi mushroom because of its lauded medicinal properties, saying that it is known in China as the ‘King of Herbs’ for its immune-boosting ability.

The mushroom beer sold for PHP150 a bottle at Madrid Fusión Manila 2017.

“It’s [an] edible mushroom but not palatable,” explains Jaminal. “So this mushroom is really integrated with coffees. But coffee is pampagising, but this mushroom is pampasarapan tulog, so it doesn’t complement. Since yeast is a form of fungi and ganoderma is a specie of fungi it will complement because the taste is the same.”

“[It was an idea] to help local farmers utilize their agricultural waste [which they would otherwise burn]. [They did not know about] the nutrients from the agricultural waste—that they can turn it into food and provide a diversified enterprise for them.” Jaminal hopes that ideas like this will help inspire the youth to get into agriculture. They also offer a mushroom kombucha, also formulated by Nipa Brew, and are currently working on a mushroom soda.

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