These New Bento Boxes from Tokyo Tokyo are Definitely Worth Checking Out

Japanese cuisine is big in the Philippines—we love our sushi, ramen, katsu, and more—but recently, the bento culture is starting to really take off. Big in Japan, bentos mean a lot of delicious bites all on one plate, from pickled vegetables, to soup, to your main, to dessert, and they are usually decorated in an anime-like style, which add to their charm. It might be about aesthetics, but it’s also about getting more than what you bargained for all in one meal.


Tokyo Tokyo, more than any fast casual brand in the Philippines, has introduced this particular aspect of Japanese culture to the everyday Filipino. They’ve become known for their affordable rice meals of great value and quality, and their bento box sets have turned into one of their most famous hits. For anyone—from office workers to college students on the go—the bentos are a filling and delicious substitute to value meals that just don’t seem to cut it, or large portions of lunchtime fast food that are devoid of flavor. You get Japanese-style mains, buttery and crisp vegetables, unlimited rice, a glass of their famous sweet red iced tea, and more.


Now, with all the staples Tokyo Tokyo has introduced to us, they’re taking a risk by sharing new and innovative dishes that you can turn into delicious bento choices. The Chicken and Ham Katsu is a cross between a cordon bleu and a tonkatsu, and uses soft cream cheese as an alternative to the gluey cheese that we find everywhere else. For just PHP 224, you get three cutlets filled to the brim with cheese and ham, and a choice of miso soup and signature dessert, or some California maki rolls as a starter to your meal.


Even more gratifying is their new Grilled Pork Teriyaki. Seriously soft and luscious, you could put it on the menu of any grill restaurant around. It isn’t too sweet, and the portion size is so generous that you can get just 1 piece for your bento at a lower price (though I’ll always have two). Trying new things might be daunting, but these new offerings are so good, they might just replace your old favorites at Tokyo Tokyo.

Have you tried any of Tokyo Tokyo’s newest bento offerings yet? Which one is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts with a comment below!


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