Spam Musubi Under PHP200: A Korean Twist to the Hawaiian Sushi-Style Snack

SPAM musubi is everywhere in Hawaii. Convenience stores? Find them by the counter. School cafeterias? Students have them on their trays. Restaurants? Bet your a** they’re on the menu. The Japanese-inspired dish is a local favorite for its portability and taste. It’s also ridiculously easy to make—and on this episode of Under PHP200, we show you that you can make it at home for cheap.

Ano masu-subi mo?

Before anything, make sure to keep your SPAM cans. You’ll need them to make these bad boys. We upgraded the usual sushi rice with kimchi rice, adding some heat and acid to the musubi. To balance the flavors, we opted out of using soy sauce with the sugar (we used water, instead) to coat the SPAM. This recipe makes six musubis; and although we meant for it to be lunch for two at PHP151.95 per head, you can definitely share it with a third person and still be full.

Kimchi SPAM Musubi



Serving Size

2 people

Active Time

45 mins

Total Time

45 mins

  1. To prepare the SPAM, place slices in a pan with oil over medium heat and fry SPAM until slightly browned, about 2-3 minutes per side.
  2. Stir water and sugar together in a small bowl, then pour over the SPAM.
  3. Continue cooking spam until caramelized and the water has evaporated, flipping to coat evenly.
  4. Remove from pan and set aside until cool enough to handle.
  5. For the rice, heat oil in a pan over medium-high heat.
  6. Add the kimchi and sauté until fragrant but not brown, about 3 minutes.
  7. Add the rice over high heat and mix well, until coated in the kimchi.
  8. Set aside to cool slightly.
  9. To assemble, take a clean, empty SPAM can and line with plastic wrap.
  10. Add about a sixth of the kimchi rice to the bottom.
  11. Add a slice of spam on top and press down firmly.
  12. Remove the musubi from the can and peel off the plastic.
  13. Wrap musubi in a cut sheet of nori with the seam down.
  14. Continue until all rice and spam has been used.
  15. Serve.​

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