Make Your Own Soy Milk From Scratch

January 25, 2016

Making stuff from scratch is all the rage these days—it’s the offspring of both the healthy and artisanal trend, and has millennials canning, bottling, and curing. For those with a penchant for making their own nut butters or milks, here’s a step-by-step recipe that might interest you.

Grocery aisle soy milk is often so sugary that it almost cancels out whatever healthy properties it’s supposed to have. Make your own instead with soy beans, water, and nothing else. Here you can control the sugar content or flavors, and you even get a nifty byproduct which vegans love using in anything sweet or savory.

Soy Milk


  • 1 cup Soy beans, dry
  • 8 cups Water
  • Sugar, (optional)


soya-589 copy

1. Spread the beans flat on a tray. Pick out any dark or damaged beans, and discard them.


2. Soak the beans overnight (or at least 8 hours) in a large bowl with water. Put enough water to cover about 2 inches above the surface of the beans.


3. Rinse the beans a couple times, and drain them in a colander. In either a blender or food processor, blend the beans with the water until it resembles a fine paste. Do this in batches if necessary.


4. Strain the blended soy liquid with a cheesecloth, and wring it out completely. If desired, set the pulp (okara) aside for other cooking applications.


5. Prepare a stockpot on medium heat, and add the strained soy liquid. Bring it to a boil. Skim off any foam that rises to the surface. Put the heat on low, and continue to cook the soy milk until no “raw bean taste” remains, about 15-20 minutes. You may add sugar or any flavoring such as vanilla or chocolate at this point.


6. Cool and refrigerate. The milk will keep for about 5-6 days in the fridge. Add sugar if necessary.

Monica Yang SEE AUTHOR Monica Yang

Monica tries to be healthy, but is not very good at it. She loves food, traveling, and reading. Weaknesses include: good coffee, stationery, and home furnishing stores.

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  2. Carla Patricia Uy says:

    Where can one get soy beans in Mandaluyong/Quezon City? Thanks <3

    • Monica Yang says:

      Hi Carla! A lot of the Korean grocery stores carry soy beans. If you can’t find any there, they usually have it at Assad Mini Mart. They have branches on Jupiter, United Nations Ave, and Marikina.

      • Carla Patricia Uy says:

        Thanks Monica! I tried your recipe and my soy milk was a bit thin but I added essence of vanilla, cinnamon and some splenda to the mix. It was delicious! Next time I’ll try making this with just 4 cups of water.

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