Some Young Wants to Make Drunk Food Great Again

December 22, 2018

Some Young is calling to “make drunk food great again.” They mean that you don’t have to rely on whatever 24-hour fast food or convenience store is nearest to you. They are there to help you out with what they call “flavor bombs with no frills.”

Left: Korean Fried Chicken on sticks. | Right: Beef Bulgogi in between fried buns.

Some Young, named after how older people tend to refer to young creatives according to the founders (Some Young blank, fill in with DJ, creative, etc.), makes non-traditional Asian food that are designed to be easy to eat while standing, and designed to be the right kind of oily you seek to address the alcohol in your stomach.

Mapo Noodz are hard to say no to, whether we’re drunk or sober.

The name is tongue-in-cheek, as they don’t want to blur in with the crowd, but stand out as a creative force in the food industry, which they describe as resisting being “just another.” And with this creative force, they tell us they carry the Some Young flag with belief and action in courage, innovation and progress.

Not only do they want to feed you with the kind of food you crave while drunk. They can also help you get to that state too, with their 2 cocktail menu that consists of Yin and Yang. Yin, much like the gentle philosophy behind it, is a mellow and soft drink that leans on tea and a touch of lemon, honey, and bitters. The Yang, being the opposite side of the coin, gives you a more boozy drink, mixing gin and sake with pear.


An Asian pop-up that serves cooked dishes designed for drunk munchies.

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