Solo Meats: Premium Australian Beef by the Slab

It takes a certain amount of knowledge and experience to cook a great steak. There’s a lot of guesswork involved in the process, since you have nothing but look and temperature to go on. And once a steak is cooked to death, there just isn’t any going back. The key building block, inevitably, must be the quality of your beef. Start with a beautiful cut, a substantial grade or at least fat-to-meat ratio, and the chances of this bovine beauty coming out well-cooked exponentially increases.


At Solo Meats, they understand that there is no substitute for high standard, which has led them to importing premium beef from Australia and New Zealand. The Manila-based bespoke meat supplier caters mostly to restaurant groups or curious customers buying their meat by slab. As bespoke suppliers, they work around their buyers’ needs, importing what they can to meet your expectations, designing their services around your budget but never compromising on the excellence of the product. Their current range includes the ever-reliable chuck roll, tenderloin, short rib, brisket, hanging tender and rib-eye, all accredited by Australian and New Zealand standards, so your grading never lacks.


Currently suppliers to such respected clients as Moment Group, Peperoni, Vask, and other distributors, Solo Meats knows exactly what you need for the perfect steak. The quality is pretty high, so that even pounding out a carpaccio, or eating it raw as tartare is no problem, while grilling yields results for a great barbeque. The tenderloin is best seared on the plancha then finished in the oven, or even sous-vide to bring out its intense beefy flavors, and muscley-soft texture. It’s easy to impress with their wide range available, and might just solve your worries about crafting a robust weeknight dinner.


Solo Meat Group

A local group distributing high quality Australian and New Zealand meat to local restaurants and retail customers by the slab.

Contact: 0917 5511862 / orders@solomeatgroup.com
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