Snack by Yardstick Lets You Have Single Origin Coffee at Home with Your Nespresso Machine

November 3, 2018

Specialty coffee may seem inaccessible—the few who have the time to swing by those few-and-far-between third-wave cafés for a well-pulled shot of espresso to start their day. For the rest of us, we make do with something resembling a dessert more than coffee from your nearest coffee chain.

A beautiful plus for our tree-hugging friends is that one of their three variants—Raw Cacao Nibs (left)—comes in compostable pods.

But with this innovation, you can have specialty coffee more easily than you thought: Snack by Yardstick. Single origin coffee can be enjoyed in a minute with these coffee pods prepared by Yardstick coffee that conveniently fit into your home Nespresso machine.

Drop by their café or order some online. They even have a subscription model at no additional cost.

Not all coffees are suitable for pod machines, and this is why having a Snack by Yardstick is exceptional—the beans are specifically roasted to match the capsule format. You’re no longer limited to the blends that the machine brand sells, and you can finally geek out on specialty coffee without the arduous process of making it yourself since the machine does all the work for you. The result is a fresh, hot coffee that transports you to Yardstick—without having to brave Legazpi Village’s one-way traffic scheme.

Snack by Yardstick

Single origin coffee pods that fit into Nespresso machines.

CONTACT: snacks@yardstickcoffee.com
SPEND: PHP1,200–PHP1,500
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