Sink Your Teeth into Baker Street Bread and Love’s Rustic, Springy Focaccia

Among life’s simplest pleasures is biting into a freshly-baked piece of focaccia, with its crusty exterior and chewy interior. But as with most any baked good, a freshly-baked piece of focaccia is always better when made with by human hands. Offering the said goods with various toppings is Baker Street Bread and Love, a small, home-run bread-baking venture that prides itself on rustic baked goods made wholeheartedly, from scratch.

Baker Street’s focaccia are topped with fresh herbs, seasonal produce, and other ingredients (mostly Mediterranean in profile). L: Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary Focaccia | R: Roasted Vegetable Focaccia

Having taken bread-making classes in London upon the encouragement of partner Paolo Thelmo (who today, handles the bread-wrapping and delivery), owner Marishka David finds comfort baking in her spare time while holding a day job in advertising. All breads are made by hand in small batches, their well-developed flavor and texture owing to dough that’s slow-fermented (in the fridge, given the unpredictability of the Philippine climate). David also tops her focaccia with a rainbow-like assortment of different vegetables, herbs, and meats (depending on what is available or in season) that contribute variation in flavor and mouthfeel, well illustrating the Italian bread’s versatility. Take them plain, dip them in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or use them in a sandwich; they are hearty, rustic carbs that satisfy.

Cherry Tomato, Olive, and Rosemary Focaccia

Though baking is often thought to be more a science that favors control and uniformity, David begs to differ, instead embracing variation and flux—adapting to changes (particularly, those in the weather); and welcoming small imperfections that she instead views as quirks, not defects. “I tell people, the consistency [can be different] . . . sometimes [you find] burnt [spots] . . . [yung] mga ganyan (“[with regard to] those thin[gs”), there’s nothing I can do about that unless I go industrial,” David relays. But this more personal touch does not pose a hindrance to the the moist and springy crumb and complex, nutty-yeasty flavor awaiting in each of their creations. “I like that people appreciate the imperfections that come with it.”

Baker Street

Focaccia, rustic tarts, and other baked goods handmade in small batches.

Contact: bakerstreetbreadandlove@gmail.com
Spend: PHP 300-600
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  1. Hello Patricia,
    Thank you for the lovely article. The name is important for me as it shows how far we have come. We are four years strong so this is a great Anniversary gift. Salamat 😉 have a good week and Month.

  2. Hi Paolo! Our apologies for the mix-up. We’ve edited the post to display the venture’s full name 🙂 thank you as well!

  3. Hello pepper.ph,
    My name is Paolo Thelmo and is the other half of bakerstreetbreadandlove. Could you possibly edit your text to show our proper name not Baker Street. Everything else is up to par and appreciate the write up.Have a good day.

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