7 Childhood Snacks We Miss (That They Should Bring Back)

October 28, 2018

This morning, after I finished yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn and to always say no to drugs (a daily habit), I realized how much things have changed since I was little. We now all live in a completely different post-Ang TV world: cabs are more expensive, Michael V is a comedian instead of a rapper, computers no longer sound like they’re opening the gates to hell every time you use the internet, and it’s apparently okay for straight guys to have crushes on other men as long as those other men are all Ryan Gosling.

Even worse, so many of the wonderful snacks and drinks we used to stuff our faces with are no longer available.  Instead of all the weird stuff they ply kids with nowadays, don’t you wish they would just bring back a few of these seven classics?

7. Jollibee’s Old Peach Mango Pie


What It Is

“Wait a minute, Lars,” someone in high school (youthfully) complains, “They still sell those at Jollibee! Look, I even posted the one I just bought on Instagram.”

Oh my sweet summer child, you know nothing.

The truth is that today’s Peach Mango Pie is but the lesser brother of what once was the greatest fast-food dessert ever fried and shoved into a cardboard envelope. You used to be able to buy two kinds of this pie: the six-inch variant that’s gone forever and the small sad square that they now try to pass off as standard.

Why We Miss It

While both pies were technically made from identical ingredients, the longer and thicker version was undeniably far superior to its smaller clone. It had the perfect crust to flake to yellow fruit ratio. There was enough space to prevent side spillage (a common occurrence with the square pie) of the hot-as-lava filling whenever you take a bite, letting the fruit just smoosh deeper into the pastry tube instead of being wasted on your shirt or the floor. The original also had enough surface area that you actually experienced the crunchy-flaky pastry at its best, instead of having to subsist on nothing but mouthful after mouthful of tough crimped crust-edge with the mini version. Also, it was big enough that you could split one with your date without her feeling so sorry for you she’d offer to go dutch on the Chickenjoy.

6. Non-Stop Ice Cream (Original Cup Version)


What It Is

Like the Peach Mango Pie above, Non-Stop is another snack with a name now besmirched by a modern and sub-par pretender. The original was no bland drumstick of too thick cone and too little actual ice cream. Real Non-Stop came in a wide mouthed plastic ramekin with three different flavors of ice cream lovingly layered on top of each other. As a final flourish, tiny marshmallows and crushed nuts were often sprinkled on top of the finished product. It also came with a free wooden spoon.

Curiously enough, the dark lords that run Nestlé must’ve pulled some unholy wizardry out of their ass in order to wipe all visual traces of this great product from the internet’s collective memory. I literally could not find a single decent picture of the thing. The best I could do was this ancient NCAA Cheerdance footage from 2005. College of St. Benilde’s team forms a giant facsimile of the original Non-Stop Ice Cream packaging at the 3:12 mark. No, I don’t understand why either.

Why We Miss It

It filled a niche that, with its absence, remains empty to this day. In that sweet spot between the plebeian ice cream cups that are so small the lids could double as Pogs, and the giant (but expensive) pints of creamy luxury that say gold or premium on its side, Non-Stop was the middle-class single dad of the local ice cream community.

5. Fanta 


What It Is

Fanta was a soft drink that, for a very brief period of my childhood, used to be readily available from the sari-sari store across my house. It came in a plethora of crazy flavors and colors. They were also sold in very distinctive ribbed bottles.

The stuff is actually still very popular in other countries. I don’t really know why it never caught on here. I was very sad when they finally discontinued it.

Why We Miss It

Fanta is known worldwide for its vast assortment of flavors. They have over a hundred variants currently available. In the Philippines, when it was still a thing, they had root beer, lemon, strawberry, green apple, fruit punch, and the crème de la crème of the bunch, grape.

I miss the grape-flavored Fanta terribly. To this day, there is no other drink that even comes close to being a substitute for it. It was sweet without being cloying, tart without making you grimace after every swallow. Also, it was a bright neon purple, making it easy for me to pretend it’s a rejuvenation potion from Diablo—that’s like a hundred points in its favor right there. No amount of Royal Tru-Dalandan can ever fill the void it has left in my heart.

4. Pringles in Cans That Fit My Hand


What It Is

A current Pringles can filled with Pringles chips, only, you know, both bigger.

Why We Miss It

Guys, I need your help on this one, the cans used to be larger right? It isn’t just me?

Aside from the farce that is paying the same price for an ever-shrinking amount of chips, the loss of the larger tube is a tragedy in itself. I, like many of my generation, have plenty of unforgettable childhood experiences that involved pretending that the Pringles tube over my left arm was a bazooka.  Come on, Kellogg’s! Please bring the old tube back.

3. Fat Fingers (and Whammos)


What It Is

Remember a few months ago when Americans were all in a tizzy over the potential disappearance of Twinkies? We didn’t care. Outside of those dollar stores that specialize in imported goods, we never really had Twinkies over on our side of the Pacific.  What we did have were Fat Fingers, oh, and its jive-talking, totally-not-racist cousins, the Whammos.

Why We Miss It

First of all, Fat Fingers is an awesome name for any kind of junk food, let alone one that really looks like an actual fat finger (albeit, one taken from a person made of baked goods).  A simple tube of ever-moist yellow cake on the outside, it hides a cache of ambiguously unidentifiable white cream in the middle. Is it vanilla? Is it marshmallow? Is it a lab-grown synthetic horror designed to lull you into confectionary addiction? I don’t know, but I could never stop eating it.

Whammos, though I do miss the originals, actually do have a fairly close substitute available today in the form of those delicious foil-packed cupcakes that say cupp keyk (yes, double p and with a k) on the front. The only difference is that Whammos were a little bit bigger, but then again you could just eat two cup keyks instead and call it a fair trade.

2. Zip Juice Drinks


What It Is

Zip was a fairly normal orange juice drink that was nothing special save for the fact that it came packaged in a TETRAHEDRAL PYRAMID. You would stick a straw down one of the triangular sides and proceed to sip that Zip like a boss.

Also, if you bought them in groups of sixes or twelves, Zip came in a special multi-angled polygonal box (like a prism) that’s shaped to accommodate the unusual configurations the little pyramids were arranged in.

Why We Miss It

Geometry makes everything taste better. That’s a fact (that I just made up).

In my day, the kid sipping a Zip was always the coolest guy in the playground, sandbox, or suspiciously wet ballpit. The ones drinking chocolate milk from a normal Tetra Pak or the kids drinking Zesto, using the correct hole, always looked up to the child with Zip. The little ones who were too clumsy or lazy to open their Zesto correctly, resorting instead to sticking the straw through its ass, everyone else just silently judged.

It’s too bad none of that social training happens now anymore. Kids today are too busy looking after their Pokémonsters and Narutos to even visit the playground.

1. The Funwich


What It Is

The Presto Funwich is what other ice cream sandwiches aspire to be when they grow up. It is the ice cream sandwich.

Why We Miss It

Just like how the best sushi allows the natural flavors of the fish to bloom, the Funwich is the purest, most perfect expression of an ice cream sandwich.

A rich and creamy vanilla stuck in between two dark chocolate wafer biscuits, each bite is a perfect blend of flavors and textures, with the sweet bitterness of the chocolate cutting through the richness of the dairy. The wafers themselves are moistened just enough that they surrender to your every bite while still maintaining the structural integrity of the parts left in your hand.

Sure there are a lot of modern, more complicated variants available today. From the various Korean types that use a waffle fish instead of a wafer, to designer offerings like the Red Velvet Ice Cream Burger from Sebastian’s, and even the humble (and affordable) Dairy Queen Ice Cream Sandwich, all are equally delicious but all are also equally lacking. They don’t have the beautiful simplicity of the Funwich. Though DQ’s entry comes closest, its ice cream isn’t quite up there yet, and its wafers lack flavor.

I wonder why they stopped making Funwiches. It can’t be for lack of popularity, can it? Does Presto even still exist as a company now?

Agree? Disagree? Too young to care? Maybe you think we missed a few of your favorites? Want to tell me the paintings I used are really pretty? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


Lars Roxas Lars Roxas

Laurence is a twenty-something turtle pretending to be a writer. In the past, he has worked as a warehouse clerk, Apple genius, martial arts instructor, copywriter, editor, english teacher, and personal trainer. He can’t swim or ride a bike, but he's done Judo on three continents. He has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Occasionally, his stories appear in real actual books. He makes awesome waffles.

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  1. Rob Cham says:


  2. Dez del Rosario says:

    I think you missed out on Crackettes. Uhm. Did you have those when growing up? I remember them being the “latest and greatest” food fad when it first hit the supermarkets, and I loved eating them during recess for a couple of years. Then suddenly, no more Crackettes. 🙁

    And yes, the pringles cans were bigger back then. 🙂

  3. Adrian De Leon says:

    Whammos! God, I love that stuff.

  4. richiez168 says:

    I miss those goya puffy mallow cones 🙁 I don’t think that’s the real name though hehe.. Presto Tivoli, and Coney Island Eskimo Pie and Cream bars!

  5. And what about those chocolatey Tivoli ice cream bars? And the Aquarius flavored waters (peach was my fave) that Coca-Cola ‘Pinas released in the mid-’90’s that helped me get through the stresses of college life?!?

  6. Mau says:

    It was fun reading this article, made me “oooh, oo nga!” with each item hahaha.

    *Drinking Zip before would categorize you as “alta” then 🙂
    * And so I also Googled Non-Stop ice cream and yes, no trace. But why????
    * Similar to Jollibee’s Peach Mango Pie’s fate is Burger Machine’s sansrival. 🙁

  7. Vinnie says:

    I thought I was the only one who missed the Funwich… I used to have that when there used to be a mound-full of its stock… up until it officially vanished from the commercial ice cream freezers… I never found anything else like it… sad… 🙁

    • Lars Roxas says:

      sakly! dati, nung nauubos na siya, hinukay pa namin siya sa pinaka sulok at ilalim ng chest freezers ng 7/11 🙁

  8. Agnes Sanchez says:

    OMG! What a trip down memory lane, Lars!!! And yes, please bring back the Presto Funwich!

  9. cruisinlife says:

    I miss Funwich! I used to have that every time I go home from high school…It was my cheap version of Coney Island Eskimo Pie, then both were gone! Though now, here in Singapore, Maggie Moo’s & Ben &Jerry’s have a similar product to Funwich, but, but..not the same 😛

    The smaller Pringles are distributed here in Asia, if you have relatives in US or other regions, they have the standard Pringles size and chips are thinner and IMO, flavorful. Because here, the usual supermarkets sell the “Asian Pringles” but there are stores that you could buy the “American Pringles”. The american pringles are also cheaper than the asian ones 😀

  10. Kendrick Tan says:

    This may be unhealthy but I really miss Pritos Ring!!! And oh, i think the ‘bigger’ Pringles are still sold in Cash and Carry and Duty Free. They’re the imported version I think. Going back to Pritos Ring… i really really miss you!!!

  11. Frances says:

    Fanta! Fat Fingers! Zip!

    I miss the whole Coney Island ice cream franchise. I really loved Zigzag and their resto had good food, too!

    Also, I still haven’t gotten over the discontinuation of the Alpine White. That chocolate bar is so addicting. It’s been more than more than 20 years and I still haven’t found any other chocolate bar that can replace it.

  12. Johann says:

    There’s Fanta here in KL, but not as good as the Fanta in Manila (why does it that everything tastes better there?). There’s also this Funwich variation that really coats the entire thing with chocolate. YUM!

  13. Addi dela Cruz says:

    Enjoyed this! Also, I wanna make love to the illustrations.

  14. M says:

    Horlicks candy, man!

  15. Katrina says:

    FUNWIIIICCHHHH!!!! I miss that! If my memory serves me right, they phased it out and replaced it with a Mickey Mouse shaped one. And then Mickey went away, too. 🙁 I love ice cream sandwiches, and the among the current available versions, Dairy Queen’s is the best nga. And cheap, too! I always get weird looks when I order that and everyone else gets their Blizzards.

    Another one I miss, I’m not sure if I have the name right, is Push Up Pops. It’s a popsicle that comes in a plastic cone-type container and you press on the cone to push the popsicle up. The risk is if you push too hard, the popsicle will fly right out of the cone to the floor or, worse, your pristine uniform blouse.

  16. Sandro says:

    How bout nutribun?

    • Lars Roxas says:

      wala na bang nutribun? dati andaming nag bebenta nun sa labas ng paaralan namin pag uwian! katabi nugn mga school bus!

  17. Dogbone says:

    Love the Blog!

    Here are some items I miss:

    the Original Magnolia Ice Cream Sandwich, which came in gold foil paper, it was wafers with vanilla ice cream inside. the attached picture kinda looks like it.

    Before there was Zip, Sunkist was available only in the Triangle packs, way before the square boxes and doy packs. The image is of the relaunched version.

    Chiz Curls in tumblers!

    Horlicks candies in glass jars!

    I guess these food memories last longer because we experienced them when we were kids.

    +1 on those Tivoli bars!

    Now an official fan of the site. 🙂

    • Lars Roxas says:

      fun fact, when I first made the artist do the illustrations, she thought i meant the sunkist juice drink dun sa zip and that i just got the name wrong. haha, ahh youngsters… 😛

  18. Sierra Borlongan says:

    ZOMG! i’ve been looking for everything on this list! 😀 the funwich deserves to be on top (well, right beside eskimo roll haha). sharing your link on my blog: http://angnakaraan.tumblr.com/ thanks!

  19. Gerald says:

    Tivoli ice cream! Especially popsicles shaped like a banana and one that’s a clown face!

  20. CL says:

    Omygod. I can’t even remember the last time I have heard of Whammos. Big part of my childhood right there. Oh, and strawberry-flavored Champola too.

  21. Sam says:

    There is Royal Tru-Grape 🙂 You should try it. It just tastes like Fanta 🙂

  22. Mylene Chung says:

    huhuhu I love this post and the illustrations with captions are so cute and funny! hahaha! I used to drink this zesto looking juice that had jelly bits inside, i never quite remembered what it was called!XD

  23. Larry says:

    The “new” Pringles suck balls. Stay away from the slender ones and you’ll be fine. I still see the “original” sizes at 7-Elevens. 😀

  24. mojackomojacko says:

    very 90’s 🙂 i love it.

    you should’ve included Alpine White! The.best.white.chocolate.ever.

  25. Essie Atienza says:

    Fat fingers! I used to devour that when I was a kid. I miss them 🙁

    • Lars Roxas says:

      whammos lasted longer in the market for some reason, but it eventually disappeared like the fat fingers too. 🙁

  26. Clarissa says:

    Things I miss:

    Fat Fingers (yeeeees)
    Eskimo roll
    Tivoli ice cream

  27. Tere Tenorio says:

    I also miss Coney Island ice cream! The bubble gum-flavored one! <3

  28. Lesly Bries says:

    Pritos Ring! How I miss you. 🙁

    I also miss the days when Trix came in fruit shapes instead of the standard cereal ball. Then there’s the melon-flavored Nissin wafer (no longer here for reasons I don’t UNDERSTAND), and Candy Clouds…though I’m not sure if anyone else remembers it. It’s cotton candy in your usual junk-food plastic bag packaging.

    • hehehe says:

      Pritos Ring is still available in different groceries, albeit in new packaging (foil, instead of plastic).

  29. Chiqui says:

    How about Orange Julius? Chocovim? Butterfly Ice Tea? Manor House? Royco soup? Papa Picolino?

  30. Chiqui says:

    Oh and… Bazooka bubblegum? Tarzan? That’s really revealing my age…..

  31. Mikka Wee says:

    Coney Island’s Casper Cone! Pink and green and blue and orange chocolate in bubble ice cream! 🙁 🙁

  32. makati hotels says:

    now that you mentioned all of these… yeah! where are all this stuff? And, yes… Pringles have shrunk, totally.

  33. Lars Roxas says:

    So I guess we’ve reached a consensus, Alpine White, Coney Island Bars, and Tivoli Ice Cream are the three most important things I missed. I should do a follow up list one day….

  34. D Camacho says:

    Whammos and zip were my lunchbox staples!!! And Fanta!! I love them but weren’t allowed by my mom so I buy them in secret.:)) This post deserves !!!!!!

  35. Sergia Susana says:

    And I thought I was the only one who noticed that Jollibee’s Peach Mango Pie. What a lovely trip down amnesia lane. A great read through and through. 🙂

    I was one of the kids who drank from a Zip tetrahedral back in Preparatory, though I wasn’t exactly one of the cool kids. (Probably because I had dorky knee-high socks along with the starched blue and white uniform. @.@)

  36. Soki says:

    Iced gem, crackettes? ..or maybe these are too old hahaha

  37. Lara J. says:

    I noticed that those slender cans of Pringles are actually sold in Asia but the ones “we’re” used to was the one distributed in the US. Go to S&R and you’ll be fine. Haha. Kudos to this article! I feel so old now 😐 and btw, who would forget the CHOCOLATE COVERED CREAM-Os!! Those that came in tall golden boxes that you have to twist the flaps to open. Hahaha! The bomb!!!

  38. Nico Goco says:

    globalization must answer for making the servings smaller, and the taste, blech. Ever since all the companies put up factories in Asia, stuff juts hasn’t been the same. Pero a trip to the PX stalls in cash and carry will solve your pringles, oreos, and chips ahoy problems! Pero wala na ata talagang alpine White 🙁

  39. Pao says:

    non stop ice cream! I remember spending my whole allowance for the day just for that ice cream… too bad it was gone… 🙁

    • Lars Roxas says:

      nung panahon ko, apgiipunan mo the whole week, tapos pag dating ng friday choice mo un, non-stop or jimini personal pizza!

  40. Jose Bimbo says:

    Great article! Pinakamiss ko ang original peach mango pie and Funwich. Nasubukan ko rin ‘yung sa DQ and sa The Ice Cream store pero iba pa talaga ‘yung Funwich. Hinahanap-hanap ko rin ‘yung Zigzag choco-banana ice cream, nauso rin ‘yun for a time noong highschool.

  41. Jose Bimbo says:

    Wala bang puwedeng gawin na concerted effort para maibalik ang tunay na Peach Mango Pie? A petition? A movement? A religion?

  42. Lemark B. Viloria says:

    What I miss the most in this list is FANTA. I loved the Grape flavored one!

  43. Kitty says:

    i so miss Fanta and Funwhich 🙁

  44. kabaliktaran says:

    alpine white!!!!!!!!
    i say Alpine White and Eskimo Roll.

  45. Yuki says:

    How did I not notice the disappearance of the Non-Stop Ice Cream?!? 🙁

    And yes, the cans and the Pringles chips itself got smaller…

  46. Klentz says:

    Frizzy Popsicle and the Original Planters Cheese Balls!!

  47. Babe for Food says:

    AMEN to the Jbee Pie! Oh gosh, I think that AND those individually wrapped choco coated cream o’s are my most frequent reminiscences of the good ole days. I even loved the beautiful fat cylindrical box those cream o’s came in that opened like a flower at the top.

    And isn’t Presto still around but only with Creams cookies? 🙂

    Babe for Food – your BFF in Cebu dining! 🙂

  48. hehehe says:

    Do any of you still remember Leslie’s mayo-cheese chips?

  49. jgdlr says:

    Add two particular Jack & Jill snacks to the list – There was something called Beef Curry Curls, or Beef Curly Curls, that was soooooo good. I remember snacking on this as a kid, we’re talking late ’70s/early ’80s. They also had bacon and cheese flavored potato chips…sarap!

  50. Bernice says:

    What I miss the most is Coney Island- my siblings and I usually had this as a treat after our piano lessons at Greenhills.

  51. April says:

    Nagulat ako sa zip! I miss it too D-:Ano yung ice cream na nasa plastic cone tapos may bilog na bubble gum sa baba? Pink and blue ata yung color ng ice cream. Does anyone rememer this??

    • Vins says:

      Tivoli Ice Cream yata yung sinasabi mo.

    • E. C. dela Rosa says:

      Mr. Mallari asked about this, too. 🙂
      If I’m not mistaken, that was called Bubble Cone – pink and baby blue soft ice cream swirls with gum ball at the bottom. I can’t find a picture of it, too. It’s the only ice cream I liked because it was really soft and I didn’t get brainfreeze from it. I forgot what brand it was. 🙂

  52. trinabelly says:

    what i want to bring back is Hi-C juice drinks! pero 80s na ata yun, haha 🙂

  53. Maryanne Margrethe Palag says:

    I miss serg’s choco bars… :/ and, while they are still around, did anyone notice that chocolait, cheez-it, cheese curls, kitkat and chips ahoy tasted like blech of recent? I loved those, but someone thought to revamp the formulation, and kill my childhood.

  54. gneng says:

    Jollibee’s Buco-Pina PIE! How about that one!

  55. vins says:

    I remember Heaven In a Bar made by Tivoli Ice Cream. I really miss Non Stop Ice Cream, Big Boy bubble gum and Bazooka Bubble Gum with a comic strip in it.

  56. Justin Reyes says:

    i miss zip too :((

  57. lotsabacontunamelt says:

    Funwiiich! coney island! and nonstop! huhu :(( Balik balik pag may taym! heh. er. Same thing to Humpy Dumpy! Gawd. i really miss those.

    rumor: the yellow humpy dumpy (cheese flavour, if i’m not mistaken) smells like poop. – it’s true, according to my mom. :)) Inis niyang sinasabi lagi “ang bahu-baho naman ng kinakain mo, amoy tae”, sagot ko naman “medyo lang..masarap naman eh!” :p 😉

  58. kooky says:

    pringles thin can is made from malaysia or indonesia whilst you can still find the original big can which is mfd in the usa

  59. DC says:

    Banana langka pie > peach mango pie

  60. rftreyes says:

    I remember Zip. Nothing beats drinking your kiddie juice in a non-conformist tetra pack.

    Oh and those Presto funwiches. It seems just like about 6 years ago, they were still around. This one I remember very well…. a circle of friends passing a joint that I refused to try, and me becoming a victim of second-hand happy-smoke.

    The last thing I remember was being the willing volunteer to drive about 5 kilometers into a 7-11 near a police station where there were funwiches. Man I could have been in deep trouble.

    Those were good ol’ days 😀

    – Ray

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  62. 90's kid says:

    Jollibee’s Honey Beef Rice and Pizzamelt! Tapos yung ice cream na may bubblegum sa end ng plastic cone. Sana ibalik rin yung bubblejug

  63. astrea says:

    jollibee once had THREE pie flavors: peach mango, banana langka (?) and my personal favorite, banana caramel.

  64. balitangk says:

    whammos, nonstop, and FUNWICH <3

  65. Lynoel Limps says:

    Half the size at twice the price. Sad but true. 🙁

  66. Bo Mallari says:

    what’s that ice cream that came in a plastic cone with a gum ball on the bottom? I loved those. Baskin Robbins too, the one at Greenbelt waaay back.

    also, Blue Bunny vendors at the weekend market over at Magallanes. 🙂

    • E. C. dela Rosa says:

      If I’m not mistaken, that was called Bubble Cone – pink and baby blue soft ice cream swirls with gum ball at the bottom. I can’t find a picture of it, too. It’s the only ice cream I liked because it was really soft and I didn’t get brainfreeze from it. I forgot what brand it was. 🙂

      • R. Francisco says:

        I think it was made by Coney Islands! 🙂

      • Jhang Jang says:

        Gosh! does it still exist?! i love that ice cream back then 😛 esp the gumball at the bottom, its like the perfect prize! it says here “http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/awesome/2009/11/coney-island-go-nuts-ice-cream.html”

  67. Aki Merced says:

    Right on with everything!!! I miss whammos, the other variant with a cream center and choco cake. 🙁 I also miss stik-o and champola, both were better before.

  68. julia escano says:

    the pringles of our day are still available in (surprise, surprise) candy corner. specifically the branches near eastwood cinemas. the ones now found in groceries and convenience stores are all made in asia and are just pretenders. :/ awesome writing by the way! 🙂

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  70. Darla the Explorer says:

    Wow Funwich! Means happiness when i was younger..whew! I was also wondering why they pulled it out:((

  71. MArie says:

    FUNWICH!!!!! This is the only ice cream I really enjoyed eating when I was a kid. I consider it the perfect ice cream sandwich. I keep trying to remember what it was called and then I read this. ooooh! childhood memories!!

  72. Tin says:

    I miss Zip juices and Jelly Jooze too! I still have cravings for them sometimes. 🙁 Btw, the chocolate cake in the pic is Zingies. Whammos are elongated too like Fat Fingers but chocolate. Anyhow, love the artworks. ^_^

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  75. cheskacandy says:

    Wow. Nonstop, Whammos , and Zip – there goes my childhood.

    I always grab a bottle of Grape Fanta everytime I go to Japan. Aww Fanta~ ~ ~

  76. Kars Pangan Sarmiento says:

    I remembered my late father when I read the part about Non-stop ice cream (it used to be one of his usual pasalubong items for me and my sister) while I thought of my late mom when I saw Zip and Whammos (they used to be one of my usual baon snacks back in elementary days)
    The nostalgia you brought was so comforting.. Thanks for this article.. (^_^)

  77. CookieMonster says:

    You forgot to mention Ole orange cookies!

  78. rizza says:

    Whatchamacallit. Even asked an ex to look for it in the US.

  79. Harold Casapao says:

    Heaven in a Bar

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  81. Anna Torio says:

    I miss munchies cheese flavored chips that were shaped like big Ms

  82. LPJR says:

    Just searched for Non-Stop Ice Cream at wala nga kahit anong picture…hmm…

  83. Iane Buquid says:

    Whammos! Back in kindergarten days, I used to buy that brownie ALL THE TIME. Until now, I still find it as the best brownie ever.

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  85. Rhanie says:

    Kornets!!! And then putting them on my fingers and then dancing ala Thai, pretending they were fingernails. I’m not describing it properly but you guys know what I mean.

  86. Yepuda says:

    I’m so glad to find out that I am not alone when it comes to missing, longing and yearning for that perfect ice cream sandwich that is FUNWICH! Nakakamiss!

  87. klaris says:

    Club House crackers that come in chicken and pizza flavors. Also, Dip Dip crackers (they’re shaped like Jack n Jill Pretzels but without the chocolate coating).

    And Nano Nano.

  88. jmoy says:

    For Pringles, the Asian version is smaller… the non-asian version is the same one they were selling before…

  89. JellyJuiceFan says:

    Does anyone remember Jelly Juice (though maybe that was not the name?)?

  90. Kirsikka says:

    Tivoli Ice Cream bar is not on this list?!? Why?!? 😛

  91. good guy says:

    Where is Marie and Haw-Haw? haha

  92. tin says:

    OH I LOVE FUNWICH! when i was young, we’ll go swimming every week and have this for snacks! the best! yeah i agree that DQ’s version is so bland compared to this, i tried it because i reminds me of funwich and i was dissappinted! miss the old times!

  93. joey says:

    tivoli ice cream bar and the original jelly juice

  94. […] 7 Childhood Snacks We Miss (That They Should Bring Back) […]

  95. Ayla says:

    They sold a funwich-wannabe back in our high school. It had Mickey Mouse-shaped chocolate biscuits and the same vanilla ice cream in between. Forgot what brand but it was in a yellow foil pack. Never saw them after I graduated. 🙁

  96. Karen Christine Moroño says:

    Jelly-Freakin’-Jooze. I miss that a lot.

    And Sunny Orange/Sunny Grape (concentrated juice that come in fat bottles) that you once dared to drink without diluting, and gave you tears in your eyes. Admit it.

  97. Daryl says:

    Aren’t the round ones Zingies, though? I remember Whammos being the long chocolate-filled brownie. I miss both of them.

  98. 80's kid says:

    Anybody remember ROLLING STONES? A local version of Maltesers…

    • MacyMichelle says:

      Yes I do. I can still recall how yummy it tasted. I love it so much. Rolling Stone is my drug of choice back then. Got it on my pocket everyday. The tiny package goes inside my pocket while the box stayed inside the ref. Love it to death and been dying to have today.

  99. Joshua Padilla says:

    I didn’t know that Presto had an ice cream sandwich before. All I know is Presto Creams -.-
    I don’t know about cupp keyk… all I see is fudgee bar and quake

  100. grizzly says:

    anyone else miss Turbo!!?? ovaltinies??!

  101. Jack says:

    zigzag ice cream, chokies biscuits, cyclone ice cream, tivoli ice cream bar, zoom popsicle, wonder boy chips, the yosi candies, chiclets, stay fresh candy, the ice cream that comes with a gumball at the bottom of it’s plastic container, Trix breakfast cereals, Moo popsicle, etc… oh childhood

  102. Cam says:

    I want my Funwhich back!!!

  103. Naitsirk says:

    fanta is still available, but not from the local bottling plants. it’s imported now. also the large pringles are still available, the smaller pringles are less flavorful (salty) than the large ones. the small ones are made in asia. (malaysia i think)

  104. Strider says:

    you can still order Peach Mango Pie these days…

  105. Eowyn says:

    Re: CSB forming a huge Nonstop– because the Brand was the sponsor. That was the reason.
    How about Lobo biscuits, Wafers (candy that looked like aspilets), Boom lollipops, Starkist (snack), Cheezels, and Chikadees.

  106. bryanyco says:

    Kulang yung number 3. There is the another one called devil’s foodcake Zinger (not from KFC) and its a chocolate cake with vanilla feeling. And the cupp keyk doesnt come close to Whammos, Cielin’s cupcake do.

  107. bryanyco says:

    Funwich has a version in the US that tastes better and has different ice cream fillings like mint and chocolate ice creams called skinnycow.

  108. Rann says:

    great stuff! i miss my childhood days! 🙂

  109. Eric Buenaventura says:

    I Miss Pringles write know
    after reading this article <3 I’m always a fun of Pringles since childhood…
    I will make a way for me to buy one at (https://www.goods.ph/pringles-sour-cream-169g-4758.html)
    it would be nice if I eat it while watching movie after work 🙂

  110. Jay Yuki says:

    A&W!!! Damn i miss A&W Rootbeer… My family moved to Davao early in my life… But i have faint memories of what started my rootbeer addiction… Handling that big manly mug brimming w/ child friendly “beer” Ughhh.. Nope… Zesto Rootbeer ain’t even close… Mug is kinda there but still lacking…

  111. maoshmao says:

    aaaahhh~ Funwich is what i miss the most~ it was a special part of my childhood since the only time i can eat those is when i visit my tita hours away from my place, i think that’s the only place i know where i can buy those (there’s prolly some in my town but i don’t know where to buy it, i was still in pre-school or early grade school back then i think)
    And yeah, the Pringles they are selling here definitely shrink, i don’t know if it’s my imagination but the one they sell in other countries’ is definitely the original size (at least the ones imported in USA).

  112. Nidez Cruz says:


  113. Xian Tolentino says:

    whammos is back! 😀

  114. Yves says:

    3 long years Whammos!

  115. Josef Mari Olaybal says:

    Binalik ang whammo’s, pero hindi yung fat fingers. 🙁

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