Second Son Coffee Gives Your Cold Brew an Extra Kick with Rum

Second Son is a local brand of cold brew coffee that uses beans grown in Kalinga, steeped for 24 hours for a strong caffeine kick. Their brew results in something sweet, almost mocha-like with hazelnut tones. The flavors are rich without being overpowering or bitter, and cold brew boasts of being significantly less acidic than its heat-extracted counterparts.

And who doesn’t like some nationalistic branding?

And if you want an extra kick to your already intense cold brew, made with Sagada beans, you can opt to get the version with rhum in it, which sweetens and mellows out the drink. The guerilla version, on the other hand, is sweetened with local honey. The products are currently only available at bazaars but are soon to pop up at Tambai Alley so keep an eye open.


a local brand of cold brew coffee made with Sagada beans.

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