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Satinka Naturals Brings Sagada’s Penchant for All-Natural Eats to Manila

September 16, 2018

Living in the city has its drawbacks—the exposure to smoke and pollution and the relative unavailability of fresh and healthy eats, to name a few. Manileños find refuge by trekking to the provinces, Sagada in particular in particular being a popular destination. Located in the Mountain Province, it’s known for its clean, cool air and lush greenery (among other natural bounties); and with the agriculture as its main source of income, it’s also home to some of the best local produce around.

As you enter the cafe you are immediately greeted with shelves of Satinka’s line of wellness products.

Should a trip to the mountains be out of the way, there’s Satinka Naturals, a store and café advocating the Sagada way of life at the heart of the city. Located within Makati’s San Antonio village, Satinka Naturals began as a small business peddling toiletries and other wellness products made with local botanicals and herbs, and skipping parabens, toxic fragrances, and other hazardous chemicals. The café is an extension of their holistic philosophy, with all-day dining specialties that showcase the natural goodness of organic vegetables and meats brought in from the Mountain Province. Of their selection of salads, meat dishes, vegan eats, and more, here’s what we highly recommend:

Rosemary Chicken in Orange Sauce

Not your run-of-the-mill roast chicken, Satinka’s version employs organic poultry for meat that’s especially flavorful it doesn’t need much adornment.

Roasted chicken evokes memories of home, and Satinka Naturals’ Rosemary Chicken in Orange Sauce takes it out for a rustic yet nonetheless comforting spin. Common as the rosemary-chicken pairing may be elsewhere, this version stands out with the use of organic chicken, which in itself is far more flavorful than conventional birds. Rich and succulent underneath the golden-brown skin, the chicken is seasoned just a touch that the stellar flavor of the meat shines through clearly, its herbiness brightened with the sweet and savory orange sauce underneath.

Vegan Platter

The Vegan Platter highlights the versatility of vegetables and celebrates their natural sweet, earthy profiles.

Worth ordering whether or not you ascribe to veganism, the Vegan Platter highlights the natural goodness and versatility of vegetables by letting you enjoy them different ways. On the plate are blitzed-veggie patties—chickpea-carrot variants that come nutty and sweet, and beetroot-based “meatballs” that showcase the vegetable’s natural sweetness—that are crisp on the outside and soft and starchy within, making for surprisingly filling bites that can double as a starter or a main. Find refreshment in between bites from the accompanying salad and raw zucchini noodles (a.k.a. “zoodles”) tossed in an herby marinara sauce that also pairs wonderfully with the patties as well.

Sagada-Style Yogurt

Try Satinka’s yogurt with either Honey (L), Seasonal Fruit and Chia Seeds (R, top) or Bananas and Oats (R, bottom).

Sagada is famed for their yogurt, the most well-known perhaps being from local joint Yogurt House, and Satinka offers their own version for the hankering Manileño. Richer and creamier than commercialized takes of the fermented dairy product, it flaunts a subtle cooked-milk note that balances out its mellow tang. It’s lightly sweet on its own but can be had either with honey, seasonal fruit and chia seeds, or banana and oats; we recommend the latter for the way the creamy banana and nutty oats complement the complex flavor of the dairy.

 Satinka Naturals

Sagada-style bites with organic ingredients from the Mountain Province.

ADDRESS: 1137 Kamagong Street, San Antonio, Makati City
VISIT: 11AM-10PM on Mondays to Saturdays, 11AM-8PM on Sundays
CONTACT: 0917-420-2279 /
SPEND: PHP 200-400 for mains good for one; PHP 100-200 for drinks and smoothies; PHP 50-100 for tea and Cordilleran coffee; PHP 100-200 for desserts
FOLLOW: Facebook / Instagram

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