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Samyan Serves Authentic Thai Street Food by a Michelin-Starred Chef at The Grid

January 6, 2020

Grounded on his advocacy to extend Thai cuisine to the world, chef ThiTid “Ton” Tassanakajohn (of Michelin-starred Le Du in Bangkok) opened Samyan: Thai Street Food in The Grid. He drew inspiration from Samyan Market, where he used to eat all his meals growing up. “They have all kinds of street food, and everything is just delicious,” he shared.

Ang samyan samyan!

His menu stays true to authentic Thai street food by cooking everything just as vendors would in Bangkok. He even flew out the stall’s chefs and cooks to Thailand to learn some tricks of the trade, such as using evaporated milk for tom yum to make it creamy. Although they use ingredients sourced locally (except the chili paste, which is imported from Thailand—and makes all the difference) chef Ton made sure not to adjust the flavors to Filipino palates.

Samyan’s menu features street food favorites like moo dad deaw (crispy pork strips), phad kra pao (pork stir-fry), and Thai grilled chicken. They also have khao pad tom yum, which is basically tom yum fried rice with a side of fried tilapia. Quoting chef Ton, “everything [in Samyan: Thai Street Food] is just delicious.” (Though, we are partial to the tom yung kung namkun.)

Samyan Thai Street Food

Authentic Thai street food by Michelin-starred chef Ton Tassanakajohn.

address: Stall 16, The Grid, R2 Level (New Wing), Power Plant Mall, Makati City
VISIT: 11AM-9PM Mondays to Thursdays / 11AM-10PM on Fridays / 10AM-10PM on Saturdays / 10AM-9PM on Sundays
spend: PHP350-600
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