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Salted Egg Chips Battle Royale

August 16, 2016

Potato chips deep-fried and covered in the yolk of salted egg, curry leaves, and red chili peppers.  The Singaporean invention has been quite a hit, and has washed on our shores. The chip has made its rounds on social media, with numerous new vendors making their own interpretation. Crisp, spicy, and covered in cholesterol laddered egg yolk, what’s not to love? But with the amount of salted egg chips being sold, it’s quite difficult to find a good tub of salted egg chips. So we gathered some and gave our take on what the best salted chip is.

Salted Egg_1

Andy’S Good Eats 

Salted Egg_2

One of the best out of the six, having a hefty, thick, crispness the chips are sprinkled with some sugar to balance out the rich flavor of the egg. The yolk is evenly distributed throughout the batch, a fine film adorning each chip. All-around a very good choice, balanced and well-executed.

Chips n’ tub

Salted Egg_4

Fairly crispy, this one did not fare as well as the others. The flavor of salted egg was evident, but so was the salt. All in all, it was okay. However, the amount of salt was too much, and has caused the final product to suffer.

Symphony of Flavors

Salted Egg_6

This tub is quite generous with its serving, supplying a hefty amount of yolk for one small batch. The chips were very crisp and light, and the flavor of the salted egg was very prominent. However, unlike the other chips which displayed even films of egg yolk, these chips are uneven and come in big clumps, so the flavor isn’t consistent throughout. But for those who enjoy those clumps of excess yolk, these seem the perfect fit.


Salted Egg_5

This one, arguably, had the best crunch out of all the other chips–light and crisp, with a bit of bite at the end. However, you could not clearly taste the salted, rather you get this strong barbecue flavor. It’s enjoyable, but could do without the sweetness that masks the flavor of the salted egg.


Salted Egg_7

This one had fairly good texture and a nice crunch, but like Chips n’ Tub, there was just too much salt. Though the flavor of the salted egg was apparent, the salt overpowered the crisps and made it difficult to enjoy the eating it.


Bugis Chomp

Salted Egg_3

This batch was quite difficult to eat. The chips were greasy and dull, and had a slightly burnt aftertaste at the end. There was flavor from the salted egg, but it was ruined by the poor cook on the chip. Disappointing, given that their restaurant serves fine Singaporean fare.


The standouts were Symphony of Flavors and Andy’s Good Eats, both for good reason. Both had an excellent crunch and good flavor all around. Take Andy’s if you like a sweet balance to the chip, and get Symphony of Flavors if you want the intense flavor of the salted egg in all its cholesterol filled goodness.

Did we miss anything? Tell us your favorite in the comments section below.
Andre Orandain SEE AUTHOR Andre Orandain

Andre’s love for food began with his affair with a televised Nigella Lawson. He then met the literary voice Doreen Fernandez after reading Tikim, he was a changed man ever since. He aspires to eat around the Philippines, slowly unraveling the rich culture that archipelago can offer.

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  1. carbaddict says:

    Could you possibly include the prices of these chips?

  2. hungryformore says:

    Can you update with links to the webpages/FB/Instagrams please?

  3. Same sentiments as the comments below 🙂 Really intrigued by this snack!

  4. MrsMartinez says:

    The Blue Kitchen is the best!


  5. Elle says:

    Try the salted egg potato chips from Bites of Love PH. The smell and taste reminded me of the Salted Egg pork dish that I had at one of hawker places in Singapore.

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