Saffron Plates: A Taste of India at Your Doorstep

October 1, 2016

We always love a good home cooked meal, especially if it’s made by our mother. It’s a truly inimitable experience, from freshly fried lumpia to a bowl of caldereta, or even a plate of pinakbet, it carries with it fond memories, and unbearably sumptuous moments. Truly, nothing can beat mother or lola’s food, and this thread is what really drives Saffron Plates to its success. Of course, they do not serve the lumpia, caldereta, or pinakbet, the delivery service serves the likes of palak paneer, roti canai, and an assortment of biryanis; but it’s still home cooked, it’s still feels warm, and it still creates very, very sumptuous moments.

Saffron Plates delivers homemade Indian meals to your doorstep, be it for a family dinner, or a small event, the food is prepared fresh every day and will be delivered hot and ready to eat straight to your doorstep. And truly, the food is a feast. From their appetizers straight to their dessert, the food is expertly made, the flavors subtly balanced, and the servings extremely generous.


Their pani puri, a popular Mumbai street food which is literally translated into “water bread,” is an interesting dish that can psyche some out, but experience, though peculiar, is pleasant. Coming in the form of deep fried balls similar to papadam, one cracks a whole into the hollow sphere before scooping the flavored water. Light, crisp, and slightly tangy, the appetizer is a refreshing beginning to what will surely be a gratifying meal.

And though I inhale meat like air, I was more drawn to the wonderfully bright palak paneer, a dish made from soft cheese and a spinach based curry, more than anything else. The paneer, a silken cheese that bears resemblance to ricotta or cottage, is light, the tang only very faint. Paired together with the vibrant flavors from the spinach, the dish is light and filling. Perfect for those searching for a vegetarian dish with a bit more heft.


However, for those who require meat to make life satisfying, the mutton masala does not disappoint, the goat not possessing that much gaminess and the spices of the masala perfectly balanced, the spice coming out slowly, ending each bite with somewhat zesty, spicy finish.

Our mains was accompanied by two Indian staples, the chicken biryani and the roti canai. The roti was perfectly flaky and tender, with just the right amount of bite (it also came in the butt loads, so that’s a plus.) The biryani, which comes in either chicken, shrimp, mutton, vegetable, or soy meat, is a mouthful of layered flavors, ranging from sweet, to meaty. Paired with their raita, a very versatile seasoned yogurt, and you’re set for life.


There’s also room to explore the very interesting desserts of India, ours came in the form of the very addicting gulab jamun. This highly saccharine dessert is made from deep fried balls of dough that have been soaked in syrup made with different aromatics like rose water and cardamom. Tender, bursting with syrup, and surprisingly light, the dessert is absolutely addicting. We recommend getting a pack for yourself.

Saffron Plates will transport you from your home to a kitchen in Mumbai in no time. The flavors are nuanced and expertly balanced, and nothing is overwhelming with spice. And though it will never be that taste of home that we’re familiar with, Saffron Plates gives us a glimpse into a home that we would gladly visit, time and time, and time again.

Saffron Plates

Homemade food delivery service that serves authentic Indian cuisine.

Contact: 0917 538 1248 / 215 4384
Email: saffronplates@gmail.com
Spend: PHP 1000–2000 for platters to share
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