Rose’s Kitchen Includes Pili Nut in One of Their Nut Butters and We Are Living for It

January 10, 2018

Rose Cabigao grew up hating peanut butter (it’s a preference that she just can’t explain), but her first taste of almond butter, she tells us, had her hooked. “It became a staple in my diet, especially the more active I became,” she says. “I found that it kept me satiated and provided that  boost of energy to get me through classes and workouts.” While she liked to entertain the idea of making her own blends, school and then her first job occupied her time and energy too much for her to actually pursue it. It was only after leaving her first job that she decided she tells us she wanted to “start something on my own but with something she loved”—and that something was nut butters.

They also have super adorable packaging.

The nut butters that Rose’s Kitchen offers currently come in 4 variants: Vanilla Cashew, Roasted Almond, Creamy Pili Cashew, and Cinnamon Almond Cashew, and all are made by hand with only 2-6 natural, locally sourced (when possible) ingredients. “All our flavor variants are sweetened with raw coconut sugar, while our roasted almond is simply almonds and Himalayan sea salt,” says Cabigao. “I do not use refined sugar or preservatives in any of the nut butters. Let’s put it this way: I will never [offer a product that] I will not eat myself.”

Insider info: You can special order the honey almond butter, which isn’t one of their official flavors but is one of Rose’s original concoctions.

“Someone said that my Vanilla Cashew Butter tasted just like Cookie Butter, but healthier. I’ve had a few customers that tell me that they will never go back to store-bought commercial peanut butter ever again.” ” she shares. “For me, it’s truly a blessing to be able to serve others and share with others my love for nut butters and all things fitness and nutrition. I’ve met so many wonderful people through Rose’s and this is what honestly keeps me going everyday.”

And we more than understand their enthusiasm. Cabigao’s butters are creamy, with a nut-centered flavor profile that the sugar or salt only stand to enhance. The quality can stand against widely available brands we’ve tried, as each bite entrances us with its rich and rounded flavors. However, our favorite by far is the Creamy Pili Cashew variant, which is a testament to our favorite local nut as an up-and-coming ingredient in the food world.

Rose’s Kitchen small-batch products are made to order so that they are always as fresh as possible.

Cabigao explains to us her philosophy on creating her products, saying, “It’s all good, wholesome, simple, and natural ingredients, which make for the healthiest kind of nut butter. Nut butters are healthy if you opt to for the natural kind as opposed to ones full of fillers and additives. Simple is best.”

Rose’s Kitchen

Homemade, all-natural blended nut butters that use pili, cashew and almond.

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  1. Pau says:

    FAVE!! Rose’s nut butters are THE BEST among the local varieties I’ve tried–I even thought it was an international brand.

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