Molito Lifestyle Mall, Madrigal Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa
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Everything from the noodles, the wrappers, and the unctous ramen broth is made in-house and from scratch at this homegrown ramen joint. And though out of the way for many, the fact that Yushoken is almost always full of diners to this day is only testament to their always-good food.

Yushoken leaves no room for frills, with a focused menu of four kinds of basic ramen—plus a small selection of tsukemen (dipping ramen), other noodle dishes, and sides. But with their excellent renditions and consistency, there is no need for such extras; each bowl of their ramen—from the basic Shio Ramen to the ultra-umami Gyokai Tsukemen—holds its own. Also worth trekking here for is the Gyoza, a masterpiece with a crisp exterior and a juicy interior that hardly needs any sauce.

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