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Nothing spells comfort quite like a good stew. Xáncho has you covered with their array of stewed and braised dishes—and these are no ordinary variants, but one-of-a-kind creations taking influence from different cuisines the world over (most notably Spanish, Morrocan, and Turkish). Chef and owner Marco Rodriguez uses quality ingredients and premium cuts of meat (including Kitayama beef), cooked low and slow into the most meltingly tender stews and braises. Flavor combinations are as intriguing as they are well-thought out: think chicken with almonds, tomatoes, piquillos, and garlic; pork with saffron and chanterelle mushrooms; and short ribs with chestnuts and figs—all of which meld together wonderfully and only get better over time.

Packed frozen in tubs, they’re ready to heat through and serve as you please. Selections vary from time to time but always include meaty stews and braises, pasta dishes, roasted meats, and more. Keep your fridge stocked and a sophisticated dinner is just a dial of the microwave away.

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