The Curator

134 Legazpi Street cor. C. Palanca St. Makati
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Holding a proud spot on 2017’s list of Asia’s Best 50 Bars, The Curator is the brainchild of veritable beverage geeks and has a changing menu that reflects the tastes and creative whims of their bartenders, who each play a hands-on roll in the menu’s evolution. The hidden bar at the back of the café with the same name has the feel of a living room, and with their dedicated roster of regulars, feels just like one too.

They have a selection of classic cocktails, and their own spin on these cocktails as well. The menu (their 8th iteration) was planned by different members of the Curator team, and designed according to the original drink followed by the various versions you could try, each with a mapped out web of flavor to match the flavor profile you prefer. We’re a sucker for their negronis or gimlets, but let the alcoholic webs drag you in and choose you.

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