Tapsi ni Vivian

Various locations
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Sometimes, a darn good tapsilog (a portmanteau of its elements, tapa-sinangang-itlog) is all it takes to draw in a crowd and maintain a loyal following. Tapsi ni Vivian is cheaper than most restaurants, but more expensive than most tapa eateries. Unlike cheaper tapa places where the beef is usually a bit tough and dry, Vivian’s beef is tender and deeply marinated in its distinct flavor. The choice of cut for the beef has just the right amount of fat in it, and right off the bat, you’ll taste this bold, garlic-y flavor with just a hint of sweetness. 

More than just a late-night destination for drunken tapa cravings, Tapsi ni Vivian has somehow positioned itself as more than just a tapsi place but an establishment that serves good, Filipino comfort food. They also serve local favorites such as on the crispy pata, lechon kawali, bopis (sautéed pork or beef lungs and heart), palabok, and barbecue that’s displayed for everyone to choose from. Each order comes with a bowl of of their signature bulalo broth. Pro Tip: you can ask for a soup refill. 

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