Tago Jazz Café

#14 MAIN AVE, Cubao Quezon City, Philippines 1111
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Perhaps the most celebrated jazz bar and lounge in Manila, Tago is a converted house that’s home to local musicians and a crowd that share the same love for jazz. There’s something about this quaint and eclectic jazz bar that draws you in—perhaps it’s the faint sound of the saxophone and bass that you hear approaching the entrance, or the intimacy shared by everyone in the room who seem to be in on the same conversation. And undeniably, the music is probably best ones you’ll be hearing in a while.

What makes Tago so charming is how it seems to make jazz accessible and non-intimidating to anyone who walks in just wanting to hear good music. On some nights, they even have an open stage for anyone who wants to perform and have a good time. 

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