Saffron Plates

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What is it about Indian cuisine that makes it such a hit with Filipinos? Perhaps it’s the bold, unwavering flavors, or the dining culture’s communal nature that strike a chord with our own; either way, Indian food fans will want to keep Saffron Plates’ number on speed dial. Saffron Plates offers a selection of Indian food favorites such as palak paneer, mutton masala, chicken biryani, gulab jamun, and much more—all done exceptionally well from the home kitchen of Indian expat Rashmi Dowlani, who manages the business while mom Manisha looks after the food side of the equation.

Using their own family recipes, dishes are all done with good, fresh ingredients, as is evident in the result: curries that are flavorful, meat that is tender, and biryani whose rice grains stay al dente.

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