Rosanna Salvador Dayoan’s Ilocos Food 

Sidcor Sunday Market
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Through the crowds (and the heat) of the Sidcor Sunday Market, you’ll always find people lined up at this stall. Owned by proud Ilocanos themselves, this long-standing vendor offers stellar renditions of classics—kinilaw na kambing, bagnet, Ilocos empanada, and more—that satisfy, whether you’ve never stepped foot into Ilocos or you’re a fellow Ilocano hankering for a taste of your hometown.

Food selections vary weekly but generally include vegetable dishes (which you’ll even find them cooking new batches of right on the spot), seafood, and meaty mains, done true to tradition. Using only the freshest of vegetables and the most authentically Ilocano of ingredients, the resulting dishes manage to exhibit robust yet balanced flavors and textures. Mains are served with nutty-tasting red rice (and on banana leaves, when purchased for dine-in) to complete the experience.

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