Ramen Nagi

Robinson’s Magnolia (+12 locations)
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Ramen Nagi is one of the few places that pulls off gimmicky menu items and keeps us asking for more. Their dishes tell us to forget asking for authentic ramen when it’s a part of the modern Japanese food culture to innovate anyway. And that’s how Ramen Nagi stands apart from the endless ramen joints that continue to hop onto the noodle trend: they keep up with the times and take risks, and their risks are well-rewarded with food that we just can’t get enough of.

While one of our favorite limited edition bowl remains to be their Manila Kings’ edition (which we’re still hoping they’ll bring back), on a regular day you can’t go wrong with an order of their Original King or the Red King if you like it hot (with extra thick noodles). The Karaage will satisfy you while you wait, and the sizzling gyoza will make you wonder why more Japanese restaurants don’t serve gyoza that way.

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