J Victor St, Makati
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Hidden in a small cranny at one of Makati’s narrower streets is a barbecuing legend in the making. Having been in the business since 1957 as Pancho’s (named after the Margallo family patriarch), Panchita’s (officially established in 1986) has been run as part of the family tradition. With its recipes passed down from generation to generation, it remains one of the favorite of many office-workers around the J. Victor street area, and is a name known to people in that part of Makati. Uniform-clad groups don’t mind the smoky smell, or going back to the office smelling like they just came from their lunch break, when they taste the smoky skewered specialties of the Margallos.

Although the seafood delicacy are popular with the customers, the restaurant is truly most known for its meals on barbecue sticks. They’ve got everything from chicken’s gizzards and intestines, to livers and hearts at PHP 15 a stick. First dipped in a soy sauce and calamansi marinade, and then heated atop their charcoal grill, the fare at this ihawan gem is best eaten with Panchita’s special sweet sauce and some vinegar, poured over a steaming cup of rice.

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