Panaderya Toyo

The Alley At Karrivin, 2316 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City
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Panaderya Toyo is the bright, sunny, quietly energetic sibling of Toyo Eatery, only open in the day as Toyo Eatery is only open at night. The bakery sits at the front of the Alley at Karrivin with a huge picture window to let the natural light entice you in for a fresh bread, or to illuminate the room for diners already inside to better appreciate the textures of the artfully crafted loaves.

All the breads have a sourdough base instead of being made from store-bought yeast, but it would be too simplistic to say that they are “all sourdough bread” as they undergo different processes and ingredients to give each a distinct flavor, texture, and wetness. If you’re dining in, try the white chocolate cashew butter on a slice of casero for a sweet taste on a clean, white, slightly tart bread. Get it with the tsokolate so you can dip it in. For something savory, the pan mayaman (a dark, almost cake-like soft, naturally sweet rye) with a tobiko cream cheese and smoked tinapa spread, and a coffee. Or if you want something more substantial, go with the Barra (baguette) with the octopus.

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