Nadai Fujisoba

Various locations
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Udon has been paid dust in comparison to its heartier, more popular counterpart, but Nadai Fujisoba has managed to make it mainstream. Their bowls remain at a competitive price, which makes it a great choice for people looking for a filling bite during work that starts at 180 pesos. The hot bowls have noodles nestling in a light, subtle broth that embraces both dashi and soy, and has a light sweetness. There are a variation of toppings from fried beancurd skin, to sheets of wakame, to sliced yakiniku-style beef, to karaage. But stay for their tempura, which has never failed to be light and crisp. Ebi is substantial and never thin or scraggly, and the mixed vegetable comes as an intimidatingly gigantic disc.

What we really come here for however, are the cold version of their noodles, which comes with a concentrated version of the broth for dipping. It is messy but worth the hassle of slurping. There are tempura flakes on each table, which is best when ladled into the little cup of sauce, and eaten together with a helping of udon or soba noodles, if you’re in the mood for something thinner.

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