Michelle’s Tapsihan, Bulalohan, at Pansitan

30 Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
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When a place labels itself as a tapsihan, bulalohan, and pansitan, it must live up to its name and have outstanding versions of each. Michelle’s does that while also churning out a mighty fine batch of lugaw. It is hearty, deeply-flavored without being too salty, and is everything you need from a bowl of the comforting staple. Pair it with a bowl of bulalo, which houses chunks of the shanks for an absurdly low price. Leave the turo-turo stuff behind, and stick to what they’re truly known for.

Open until early in the morning, it’s known for being the stopover of those who work late into the night, but also holds a reputation for housing a rambunctious crowd. Lunch is relatively quiet and is the best time to give this roadside eatery a chance.

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