Manam Comfort Filipino

Various locations
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Many Filipino restaurants focus on one or the other: fully traditional preparations that fail to appeal to the younger generation, or updated versions that run the risk of disrespecting the original. Manam not only offers both, but manages to execute each end of the spectrum very well, such that both your lola and your millennial cousins are bound to leave the restaurant fully satisfied.

The Manam menu is divided into ‘Classics’ and ‘Twists’ and you’ll definitely want to sample their versions of classics: no-frills but well-done takes dinuguan, pinakbet, kare-kare, and their house special of crispy sisig, all of which pack in the quintessential Filipino linamnam. The ‘Twists’ half is just as worthy of a try, giving us a taste of Filipino cuisine’s many possibilities: crispy chicken wings with the umami punch of pungent patis, halaan soup that takes a spiced-up, creamy cue from laksa, and a sinigang of short rib and watermelon to provide sweetness.

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