1547 Adriatico Street
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If you find yourself in Manila and craving authentic Korean bbq at midnight, then you need to go to Makchang. The original branch has everything you might possibly need from Korean barbeque: charcoal grills, a short menu dedicated to their beef and pork, and expert servers who are dedicated to cooking for you at your table.

The prices are reasonable, and each offering is solid, from the eponymous makchang or intestine, which is muscular and chewy in the best type of way. If you want galbi, you shouldn’t have it anywhere else. You’ll get meat marinated long enough to have slight sweetness permeate each piece, without it distracting from the inherent beefiness of each cut. The servers cook it in a way which gets the outside distinctly caramelized, but still leaving the center almost-red and still juicy.

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